12 Questions to ask when choosing a Christian school

From Prep to Year 12, students spend over 17,000 hours in school. During this time, your child's worldview will be shaped.

“Whether conscious or unconscious, every person has some type of worldview. A personal worldview is a combination of all you believe to be true, and what you believe becomes the driving force behind every emotion, decision and action. Therefore it affects your response to every area of life…” — Focus on the Family

The best way to find out if the school is right for your child is by visiting the campus, observing, interacting and asking questions. We have compiled a list of 12 questions that will help you make an informed decision.

About Northside Christian College


Northside Christian College is a leader in Christian education in Brisbane, preparing students who will be transformational in their spheres of influence. We work to intentionally raise up future leaders. 


We are daily committed to our mission, which is: ‘To make disciples of Jesus Christ, educated and equipped for any future.’


Faith in Christ is seen as the foundation to life. Each student is provided with the opportunity to understand the teaching of the Scriptures and to become a follower of Jesus Christ in both belief and action. 

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