Technology & Innovation

Students who enjoy technology will find plenty of outlets at Northside, from ad hoc gaming groups to official tech teams who run the sound and lighting at assemblies, chapels and special events. Our biennial musical requires plenty of rigorous tech support to operate audio and lighting equipment.

Robotics is a popular activity with our seniors right down to our little preppies. The younger students learn to code with Beebots, small robots that look like bumblebees.

The Middle School’s Design Thinking program fosters creativity, problem solving and good thinking. Students begin in Year 7 with Think Tank, continue in Year 8 with Design Thinking, and complete the sequence in Year 9 with the option of planning and completing a personal project over a semester. Student projects include:

  • Creating an app
  • Compiling a basketball coaching course
  • Writing and digitally publishing a collection of short stories.

A New Hub for Innovation

Northside's newest building, the Centre for Creativity and Innovation, provides facilities for collaborative work with functional spaces for meetings, laboratories and studios.

Several local businesses have partnered with Northside to provide real-world design challenges in which students can apply their learning to solve problems and create innovative solutions.