Thank you. With your generous donations, we have had the opportunity to create something exceptional, built on the foundation of Northside history. What you have given is not just a mere structure but a new way of life for secondary students to enjoy.

The Centre for Innovation and Creativity (CINC) is a new and sensational space that has given students the opportunity to use state of the art equipment and facilities in an environment that gratifies Northside Christian College, its staff and its students.

With generous amounts of natural light, and a soft yet natural colour palette of greens, blues, white and greys it is a space that will foster and nurture creativity.

The CINC building is home to many areas of creativity, including the Design Innovation area where all of the best tools are at the disposal of the students. There is a dance room and a drama room complete with a dressing area and costume closet for students to utilise and perfect their pieces.

Music rooms are fitted with the latest technology and fine instruments, created to expand and grow the incredible talents of Northside students. Tree House Art is a home for the artist. On the top level with a myriad of windows giving natural light, coupled with green tones and the view of treetops surrounding you, it truly is stunning.

Leading you into Tree House Art, however, is the gallery. It features impressive and notable works of art from students, present and past. One of the most innovative spaces, though, is a room designed to be the bridge for school students to their future careers- the Entrepreneurial Hub.

With plans to bring businesses, parents and alumni to this area for students to meet and make connections with for when they themselves graduate and go into the world, it is definitely a space that will impact students well into their futures.

The CINC area is where students can express creative thinking and fine-tune their skills and talents in an uplifting and supportive environment for years to come. We knew it had to live up to the previous occupier of the space as well, The White House.

To some people, this name brings to mind, a large structured white building, in Washington D.C. where politics reigns. However, to generations of Northsiders, it was a place where creativity was native and became a literal home of art.

When Northside attained the White House, they never would have guessed how attached to it students would become. It grew into a place where a mix of inspiration, hard work, imagination, and occasionally a few cups of tea or coffee would craft undeniably beautiful pieces of art.

Art that was not limited to canvas and brush, but film and television, manual arts, music, rather an endless list of creative practices. It became a place where students used their God-given talent to create and inspire. It was a home that many believed could never be replaced.

However, the house was not built to live forever and sadly we knew we had to say goodbye, which is where the CINC building idea was born.

We knew for it to even come close to the impact that the White House had made on students, the CINC building would need to embody all of the characteristics that were so cherished by the White House. A new infrastructure that was more than just a building.

Something that encapsulated the history and warmth of memories the White House gave to Northside and its students. With your generosity and giving, you have blessed us with the opportunity to do just that.

You have been an integral part in making this creation.

Official CINC Building Opening and Winter Arts Festival

You are invited!

4-8 pm 7 June 2018

We are excited to invite you to the official opening of the CINC space. Join us on the 7th of June to welcome in this exciting new era at Northside Christian College. Click on the link below to see more details.

From Whitehouse to CINC - Students' first impressions