From Primary to High School, Northside aims to equip students with the best skills for future employment in an increasingly competitive globalised economy. The program offered at Northside aligns with our Christian values and partners with families, supporting parents in managing technology in the home.

Chromebook Program

Each Secondary School student receives a college-owned laptop under our Chromebook Program. The Chromebook program maximises students’ educational outcomes by:

  • Providing systems that are ready for new online assessments including NAPLAN and Senior School assessment.
  • Allowing for collaboration in the classroom through G Suite for Education
  • Using tools used by corporate business and universities.
  • Promoting use of web-based resources not limited by device.

Digital Discipleship

Our digital discipleship approach involves equipping students to make wise decisions and taking healthy precautions while taking full advantage of the latest technology to stay up to date.

We believe young people must be trained in wisdom as well as safety. Students need discipleship from adults to develop the skills, values, and inner strength to maintain a healthy balance, resist temptation, and master the media's pull.

  • In Junior School, our students learn about cyber-safety and monitoring use
  • In Middle school, the safety message is reinforced with education about responsible use, digital footprints, cyber-citizenship, and discernment of reliable resources.
  • In Senior School, students students deconstruct media, critically analyse its covert and overt messages, and identify stereotypes and bias. They learn about problematic internet use, copyright, and security. They practise recognising and countering the fallacies and flaws in logic so common in the media.

Safety First 

Student safety is a priority for Northside Christian College. Together, Chromebooks and GoGuardian, provide a safe environment for students to work and research in wherever they are connected to the internet. GoGuardian also provides teachers with the tools they need to manage student Chromebook use in the classroom.