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What an amazing night of spectacular dance showcased by the Northside Dance classes and ensembles. A dramatic opening with our rhythmic tappers grabbing the attention of the audience and competing with their feet to take the stage. Our glamourous MCs introduced themselves and commenced, with assistance by Chappy, honoring our God for the evening and the talent ahead. The lyrical dance ‘God is With Us’ choreographed by Mrs Lucia Harkin, followed and further gave glory to our Lord.

A mixture of dance genres that brought variety and talent to the stage. The evening took the audience on a journey showcasing the Year 7 and 8 Dance class activities as well as a Year 9 Performance assessment piece where students were being assessed that night. Two alumni were invited back to choreograph and extend the dancers with their professional knowledge and experience. Sophia E, a professional and full-time dancer, created a vibrant and entertaining number for the girls which had a very modern slant. Sophia Savage, currently studying for her Diploma of Dance Teaching and Management, created jazz and Spanish number which will be submitted as part of her own studies. Congratulations to you both, the dances were stunning.

A number of solos were performed during the program. The girls performed their solos at the 2022 Brisbane Ekka, representing Northside Christian College on the main stage. These solos were performed again at Dance Night and each, with a story of its own, was performed at such a high standard. Incredible abilities from these students, thank you to Annais B, Lian M, Sam E, Rachael W, Anabella R and Jenna R (who was not able to perform her solo due to injury).

Mrs Lucia Harkin and Mrs Isabel Jackson, NCC Dance Teachers have been working hard on a number of choreographic works both during class and in their lunchtime ensembles. Students give up their lunch times and race to participate in these ensembles.  Beautiful movement, shapes with intricate and graceful choreography in the lyrical pieces, the costumes complimented perfectly and the rehearsal paid off. Very talented musicians joined the dancers on the stage and the audience was treated to the sounds of the violin (thank you to Molly D), the piano (thank you to Sam D), and our percussion ensemble. Amazing musical talent allowed our dancers to immerse themselves in meaningful choreography connecting their movement to the music and the sound of the live instruments. Such depth in the performing arts program at NCC.

Thank you to our Sports Department who acknowledge the value of dance to sport and made it an elective for sport for Term 2 and Term 3. This enabled our dancers to bring together the undulating oriental dance and the entertaining and wonderful musical theatre mash-up. Thank you to Anna L for her beautiful voice and song in the musical piece. A special thank you to the amazing parents for their support, the marketing team for all their work and photography, Mitchell Colen for the lighting and sound.  More thanks to our guest choreographers Sophia Eory and Sophia Savage, Clark Thompson for filming the evening, Step by Step Dancewear for their sponsorship, Mrs Martin, Mrs Eory, Mrs and Mr Boyce who kindly contributed to our evening’s success.  Thank you to the dance teacher team, and last but not least our stunning dance cast and MCs for all of their incredible talent, hard work, commitment, and professionalism.”  We can’t wait for Dance Night 2023.

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