Footloose: Behind the Scenes

Footloose Northside Christian College

Highlights from cast and crew: 

Martha (parent)

Watching our kids that been at my house in play dates since prep now all teens with so much talent from the ones in the band, singing, dancers all of them made me feel so proud of them. I felt like a big mama.

Laura (student)

There's the cliché answer of "everyone in the cast was like a family", but there is honestly no better way to describe it. I have made so many friends in such a short amount of time and yet, I have no doubt that they will last a lifetime. Our cast and crew in Footloose were incredible to be around and an honour to be a part of. Footloose will, without a doubt, be something that I will forever be grateful to be a part of and a memory that I will treasure long after I graduate.

I am also so so so grateful for the teachers who selflessly gave up hours and hours of their time to pull off this amazing show, such as our wonderful costume, prop and staging departments and, of course, our beautiful directors.

Tomas (student)

I am truly grateful for all the amazing people I have met and got to work with throughout the course of the past 6 months. We all bonded over our love for artistic creation and our passion for Jesus Christ, and that was special to be a part of.

Narelle (staff)

It’s always an amazing and entertaining experience being in the backstage choir. I love attending the rehearsals and singing along side the students and then singing the show with them. This musical, being an 80s favourite, was certainly up there as one of the best shows to sing along to. We had so much fun with these songs, especially trying our own version of the choreo the kids were so outstandingly doing on stage. Well done to all involved! 

Kiana (student)

This is such a special experience and you get to become 1 giant musical family. You see people in a new light and get to witness their incredible talents.

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Leanne (student)

Honestly, the community feel backstage was amazing!

Anita (parent/volunteer)

Finale closing night was the highlight; boldly captured a culmination of extraordinary talent, hard work and tireless support for an unforgettable high school musical. So grateful for the opportunity of a lifetime gifted to my son Ethan who played Ren. Thank you to all involved!

Hannah (student)

Footloose was an amazing opportunity to play music and to accompany singers. A real stand out moment was one band rehearsal, we pranked Mr Drew. Mr Ting rewrote Footloose/on any sunday to the Jurassic Park score. Mr Ting had cameras all of the ensemble room including one on Mr Drew's music stand. But he was so confused when we started playing the wrong music and even though he did not know what we were playing he kept on conducting. I could not stop laughing and being apart of that was priceless, especially seeing Mr Drew's reaction.

Peter (student)

It was absolutely fantastic forming friendships with people who I'd never even thought of speaking to through the musical.

Sean (student)

You would think that being in a musical is all serious with no fun, but's it's exactly the opposite! Backstage is mix of people rehearsing their favorite songs, laughing, chugging pineapple juice and watching the television in astonishment as Vi performs "Learning to be Silent". I just wish the musical didn't end! The best part for me was "Dancing is not a Crime". Who knew a call and response rap would be so much fun!

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Katie (student)

Footloose was absolutely amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better experience! The whole cast and crew were extremely dedicated, positive and support throughout the whole process. One of my most treasured memories would have to be the one direction dance party we had before the final Saturday shows backstage where we all sung and danced crazy with adrenalin. Such an amazing community!

Liam (student)

When Mr Drew rode my toy horse, Troy, backstage.

Emerentia (student)

The moment when we hit the main dance moves for Footloose in the first scene was awesome for me because the atmosphere was full of joy and it was fun to see some of the audience members smile.

Joel (student)

Hats off to the costume ladies and mic people for helping us leads with those insanely fast mic and costume changes. while it was very stressful it was super fun and satisfying when we got it right.

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Romy (student)

Northside musicals are like no other. There is just so much effort and unity in placed into every part from the planning, design, rehearsals and production. It's the collaboration Footloose has offered the cast and crew that has really been the central part of the experience. It is an incredible feeling to bond with so many people you might of not otherwise known, form these amazing relationships, and then come together and deliver the finishing product that brings light and joy to a room full of people. I am so honoured to be apart of this production and continue celebrating the community Footloose has brought together.

Brooklyn (student)

First of all I have to say it was such an amazing experience! It sure was an adventure of laughs, stress and tiredness. One good experiences was making new friends but the best part was performing in front of the audience watching them smile. I remember thinking constantly that I never wanted it to end, but off course it had too which is sad but I brought away all the happy fun memories with me. 

Eliza (student)

The whole thing was just the best and I loved every moment.

Liela (student)

Footloose was just so amazing. The community was great and it felt like a big family. Everyone just loved to help out others and there would be complements flying around. It was amazing to see this community of people come together to create such a fantastic show.

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From the Producer - Mr Ting

It’s hard to get Footloose out of your head. 

It’s a show that’s full of lovable characters, memorable one-liners, energetic dance moves, and foot-tapping tunes that you hear on replay even when you’re not listening to anything.

But don’t mistake the fun for superficiality – at the heart of Footloose are profound messages about redemption. Characters move from wanting what’s best for themselves to what’s best for everyone. They find the courage to trust others to help them move on from past pain. They learn to accept what they cannot change, and fight what they can. And ultimately, Footloose is a story about how a son who lost a father ends up helping a father who lost his son. The parallels to scripture were perhaps unintentional to the authors, but certainly not to our heavenly Father, who willingly lost His son to erase our past, change our future, and redeem us.   

I’ve said in previous years that it takes a village to raise a musical, and this time around the village has only gotten bigger. Dozens of alumni and parent volunteers have put in countless hours behind the scenes, and we are so grateful. Our friends in Nexus Church and those who manage the campus property have been nothing but accommodating and invaluable to this whole production.

Enough cannot be said about how tirelessly and joyfully the production team has worked over the past year on Footloose. It’s easy to forget that these are all teachers by trade, who put on a different hat when the school day is over and use their God-given talents to inspire and bless the students. I’m constantly blown away and humbled by their creativity, generosity, devotion to Jesus, and passion for the students. 

Thank you for showing me what it looks like to do everything as if you were doing it for the Lord. 

(Actually, I lie; a lot of time, they wear their musical hat during the school day too.)

To the students of Footloose, you who acted or danced or sang or instrumented or propped (they’re verbs if I want them to be) – you are amazing. You’ve been SO much fun to work with, and have brought this show to life in ways we could never have imagined. We hope this musical journey has shown that you have every reason to be confident in your abilities, every reason to work together to achieve great things, and every reason to trust in God. He will never let you down.

Thank you all for coming to see Northside’s production of Footloose, and we hope that it gets stuck in your head. To God be all glory.

From the Directors

No one has ever been on a dance floor and thought, “Gee, I don’t really feel like cutting Footloose.” Never! Footloose is a show, and song, that has rung loud and clear long since the 80s bringing joy and cheer, and a bit of foot tapping, to generations. It is this infectious energy that first drew us to this show. And now we get to bring it to you!

From this day forward, whenever we are dancing along to an amateur wedding DJ busting out the title track, we won’t be able to forget the hours of work and behind the scenes that have brought this show together.

Luckily for us, we have had an amazing cast and production team to work alongside as we’ve travelled to Bomont. We are so appreciative of the time and commitment given by sooo many in our Northside community to allow us to stand here proud of the show you get to see.

It’s hard to ignore the theme of the value of family in the show and so we must offer sincere thanks to our own families who have lived, breathed and danced alongside us on this Footloose journey. We love you and we could not do this without you!

Thank you for coming and supporting the wonderful world of musicals at Northside. Know that the joy, the friendships, the laughter and the memories will continue to impact those involved far beyond the final bows.

We thank our Heavenly Father for sustaining us through this process and for granting us the opportunity to present to you: Footloose!

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