Instrumental Music Lesson Format

The Instrumental Music Department is still pressing ahead with lessons, and we look forward to continuing to teach our students throughout the year!

Most instrumental tutors will be on-site to teach all lessons just as before. Some of the teachers are self-isolating, but are still teaching remotely. We are expecting many students to be at home too and we want you to know that we can still cater for them! 

Details about whether or not the teacher will be on-site will come either through google classroom invites to be sent out in the next few days, or in personal communication from the teacher to you and the students.

Students in the Year 4-6 Group lessons program on Thursdays

If your son/daughter is in Year 4-6 and having lessons through the group band program, this scenario will apply:  

  • On-site students may come over to their regular room for lessons. During the lessons the tutors will teach them. Also during this lesson the teachers will use Google Classroom to package up, film and post online the main content that occurred during the lesson. No student will be pictured in these videos, only the teacher performing. We are expecting small numbers of students in these lessons. 
  • At-home students will be able to see videos of their tutor teaching several exercises each week, playing the song and giving tips for good performance. This concept may prove very beneficial because the students may repeat the exercises many times, playing along at home daily if they like! There won't be a weekly video catchup lesson. Instead the students at home can watch the videos posted and practice along. Teachers will attempt to have individual video lessons with their students a few times during this season, and will arrange this with you more personally. 

Invitations to the relevant google classrooms should be coming out steadily this week.

Students having private one-to-one lessons on an instrument may continue having those lessons. 

  • On-site students may come over to the teaching studios just like before to have their lesson. 
  • At-home students will be contacted by the the private tutors who will be making arrangements now with their pupils to continue by teaching remotely via video linkup. We have already had many lessons taught in this style and it’s working well by all accounts. The tutors have reported back that parents have been very supportive, and appreciative that these lessons can still take place for their kids!

All massed bands and ensemble rehearsals, such as the Secondary Concert Band or Stradivarius String Ensemble for example are cancelled until further notice. However, some tutors will be endeavouring at some point to ask each student to audio record themselves playing their part in the orchestra pieces. We will assemble these audio recordings, mixing them together into a mass performance that will sound somewhat like a band playing. This will provide some motivation for the students to work hard on their pieces!

Thank you for your support and continued involvement during this unusual time. 

Please contact us with any questions.