Japanese Update

Year 11 Japanese students have been learning about the Japanese pop-culture this term, so we went to try one of Japan's favourite pastime activities - Karaoke! Did you know Karaoke is a Japanese word made from “kara (empty)” and “oke (orchestra)”. It is not like the ones you commonly see in Australia where you sing in front of other strangers.  Instead, we went into a small private room together. The music was loud and the disco ball was turning. We sang, danced and ate Japanese snacks non-stop for two hours! It was so much fun. 

Year 9 Japanese students also went to the Flockton Village for a sushi buffet; we don’t exactly know how many dishes we ate altogether, but certainly we ate a lot. Our 2017 alumni, Mina Yahagi came to visit the school with her father and they joined us for our excursion which was great. Both of these activities are very unique Japanese experiences. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who hasn’t tried them yet!