Lockdown Drill

Evacuation and Lockdown Drills

The College, as part of its ongoing safety procedures, conducts drills from time to time to test the readiness of our staff and student community to act quickly and safely should any unforeseen event arise.

To this end, we conduct Fire Evacuation drills from time to time and also Lockdown drills. As it is the start of the academic year with many students commencing school at Northside, we have recently enacted a fire evacuation, which the students accomplished in a safe and timely manner.

As well, we will be taking the time to carry out a Lockdown drill in the near future, where the students remain inside – silent, out of sight and still.

To ensure that our parent and student communities do not become unduly alarmed, we are informing you ahead of time that the College will be carrying out a Lockdown Drill at some point on Wednesday, 28 February.

Please note that our older students should not be using their electronic devices to make contact as this could constitute a possible risk in a real event.  To this end, we would also ask that you do not endeavour to make contact with them.


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