The Northside musical is over once again. To celebrate the success, we have asked our students, staff and volunteers to share their thoughts to come of the below questions:

Favourite moment from the musical

"Nothing will ever beat the feeling of taking a bow at the end of a show and feeling yourself and your character almost collide."

"Definitely the end of the last show. It was a really bitter-sweet moment."

"My favourite moment from the musical was using the swing during "When I Grow Up." It's something I've never done before and will be something I'll never forget."

"Trying not to laugh while the audience was cracking up. It was hilarious! I loved to see the audience enjoying themselves, and it really made all our hard work pay off. I forgot how impressive, funny and inspiring Matilda was because of how many times we practiced it! I'm so glad everyone was enjoying themselves in the audience, I can tell you on stage we were having just as much fun."

"My favourite moment was performing and seeing my parents look at me with the sweetest smile on their faces. You could see how proud they were."

Highlights from the experience

"The friendships you create in the musical and the people you meet. The bonds that you make in the musical are unbreakable."

"My Musical highlight was being able to look back and be so proud of the incredible show we created. All the extra hours and helping hands that were involved - I feel so grateful for having the oportunity to be apart of something bigger than myself. I can now cherish it as a beautiful lifelong memory."

"I really enjoyed getting to meet so many people from grades above and below me. I felt that everyone involved in the musical was one big family."

"Honestly just everything! Being in a musical is such a fun experience even on the tricky parts! I loved the learning the songs and dances and just watching the whole show come together."

"The friendships you create in the musical and the people you meet. The bonds that you make in the musical are unbreakable."

Thanks & Gratitude

"I'd like to thank absolutely everybody. From the people who worked on making sure the show existed, to the people taking the time out of their lives to support and affirm the people on stage. Thank you."

"All the volunteers and people who have worked to put the show together."

"Everyone who worked so hard - especially all the teachers who went above and beyond."

"Obviously everyone involved in making the show come to life such as the backstage crew, the sound and lighting guys, costume staff, the band, the prop and stage creators and obviously our beautiful directors, Mrs Gentle and Mrs Eiso. I'd also like to thank all the amazing cast members, my friends and co-workers for making this such a pleasant experience."

"I would like to thank every single person that was involved. But especially Mr Drew. Man he had to know the show inside out. He had to cue the singers, make sure the band was in time and in the right place. And he had to follow the script and music, he did an amazing job. Thank you Mr Drew."

"I'd love to thank the cast! Your dedication and love for this production has really made this experience a hundred times more enjoyable and memorable."

"Literally everyone! But one worth noting is that there were so many staff/parents did so much and weren’t paid a cent for all the hours they put in and we wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without people like them - so a huge shoutout to them."

"I highly, highly suggest to be apart of the musical if you have the chance! It is such a memorable experience and you get so much closer to so many more people because of it."
Tomiika S (Mrs Honey)