Update regarding Coronavirus 30/01/2020

Dear Parents

Your Health and Coronavirus Update

Nearly a week has passed since I first wrote concerning the protocols Northside has put in place regarding Coronavirus.

A big thank you to families who contacted our enrolments team and had already self-imposed isolation from school for 14 days.

At that time, our College proactively initiated the protocol requiring 14 days absence from the College (self-isolation) for anyone who has returned from China. The 14 days commences from the arrival date in Australia.

However, Queensland Health has now announced guidelines for Queensland students in school, TAFE and childcare, similar to the ones we already have in place.

Be aware that Queensland Health has announced that the same 14-day restrictions from attending school, now apply to anyone returning from mainland China and from Hong Kong. 


Queensland Health has directed, “Returned travellers who have visited China, including Hong Kong, should not attend school, childcare or TAFE for 14 days after leaving China, including Hong Kong”.

Please note: If these new additional Queensland Health guidelines relating to Hong Kong apply to your family (i.e. a student has returned from Hong Kong since Friday 17 January), please phone the Enrolments Office for more details regarding our requirements before students can return to the campus.


Leighton Kuss

College Principal