Vacation Care

Northside Christian College offers Vacation Care during school holidays, public holidays and student free days. 

Costs, provided services and additional information are dependent on the days, so please check these details during booking process.

Booking Vacation Care & Early Bird This holiday period will be 29 June – 10 July. To receive the Early Bird booking price of $47 please book by June 21. If you book after this date, you will be charged the normal Vacation Care fee, $50. 

Vacation Care Open Hours Opening hours for Vacation Care are 8:00 – 18:00. If you require an early start any of the Vacation Care days, it is $5 per child between 7:30 am – 8am.

Please look at the days you are booking to see if you will be charged for additional activities. There are some important notes highlighted in blue for some of the days. On the Wheels day, your child must have a helmet and a hat that fits under that helmet to use wheels. For Tie Dye day your child will need to provide an item of white clothing to participate.

Vacation Care Cancellations Friendly reminder: The cancellation of bookings in vacation care is a week notice to avoid charges. If you cancel bookings under a week notice you will be charged.    

Applying for Smart Central

  • Press Smart Central. 
  • Press ‘Apply’ Complete all the details of the application. 
  • Press ‘Save and Continue’. 
  • Your Application has been sent to the OSHC staff. 

Note: All fields that do not say ‘option’ must be filled out to complete the application. Note: We will receive your booking and ‘Approve’. 

Note: You will receive an email from Smart Central Fees that shows you we have Approved your application.

Creating a Vacation Care Booking for Smart Central

  1. Select ‘Applications’
  2. Select ‘New Application’
  3. Select ‘Copy’ (this will copy over all your details so you do not have to actually re-do the application)
  4. Select ‘Booking’
  5. Set the Booking Type to ‘Vacation Care Program.’
  6. Tick the days you would like to book.
  7. Press ‘save and continue’

Note: If there is anything with a question mark fill that in/ press save and continue at the bottom so it ticks.

Note: We will receive your booking and ‘approve.’

You will receive an email from Smart Central Fees that shows you we have Approved your booking and application.

If you have not received an email we have not approved your booking – If we are full that day we may reject that booking so please call to ask for last minute bookings.

Note: This is per child so please repeat if you have another child.