Message from the Prime Minister of Australia

We’re nearing the end of our 30th anniversary year, and we’re delighted to share this special ‘birthday’ message that the Prime Minister recorded for Northside.


Musical Production Update

Productions for Northside’s 2015 musical are well under way, with nearly 200 students from Years 8 to 11 auditioning! In our first ever musical production video, Mr Ting and Mr Drew discuss what the auditions were like and introduce to you the student who will be playing Annie next year.

Employment Opportunities

NCC Hiring Ad_web

We are currently advertising for a Marketing and Communications Coordinator, and a Special Needs/Educational Support Teacher Aide. Further information is available by clicking on the image above.

Students Produce Thought-Provoking Short Film

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This year, my form class and I produced a short film on video gaming. The idea came as a result of discovering that nearly all the students in 8D played games on a regular basis. The purpose of our film was not to portray video games as being necessarily evil or dangerous, but rather as something that often takes up so much time and energy that it causes you to miss out on living the life God has given you. Saying yes to gaming invariably means saying no to something else.

The video took several weeks to film and several months to edit! Many students found out the hard way that film-making isn’t as glamourous as it seems. We were very excited when it was completed, not only because we could finally show our families this fabled video that had been talked about for months, but also because it was viewed by the whole school as part of a Lifeskills lesson on video gaming. There is also the possibility that this video could be shared with other schools for that same purpose. We hope that film will be enjoyed by many, and more importantly stir up the discussions we need to start having about video games. And for the record, no flappy birds were harmed in the making of this film.

Follow this link to view the short film >

Ming Dao Ting
Middle and Senior School Teacher