Eagles Wings School – Chaplaincy

The school was recently blessed in our Chapel Services and Year 10 Christian Foundation Class by our guest speaker from Zambia, Wesley Mazenta from Eagles Wings School.

Mr Mazenta accepted his job at Eagles Wings School on one third of the wages that were on offer to him from two other schools. Mr Mazenta is the Year 12 teacher and he has been teaching the current Year 12s at Eagles Wings School since they were in Year 8. He is the first person in his family to graduate from school.

During his visit at Northside, Mr Mazenta was able to speak to a number of our teachers about cricket, vocational education, leadership, school routine, school management and homework.

You can sponsor a child through Eagles Wings for $15 a month. Visit their website for more information. 

Mr Peter Schmidhauser
College Chaplain

International Chess – Northside versus Jackson Middle School, Ohio

Year 9 students at Northside are playing a chess game against Jackson Middle School, in Jackson, Ohio, USA.

The game is played over a long period of time. Students email their move to Jackson Middle School and then wait for the return move.

Northside students play online through the International Email Chess Club (IECC). Find out more about the club here.

For those chess enthusiasts out there, here are the moves of the game so far:

The opening move played was the Canal variation of the Giuoco Pianissimo .

Jackson Middle School Jackson, Ohio is white.
Northside Christian College Brisbane Australia is black.

1. e4   e5
2. Nf3   Nc6
3. Bc4 BC5
4. d3    d6
5. Nc3 Nf6
6. Bg5

Mr Jack Badenhorst
Head of Mathematics

Junior School Extra Curricular Activities

Before school, at lunchtime and after school, there are students involved in co-curricular activities. These activities are very important in Junior School. Most are held during lunch breaks and some are scheduled before or after school.

Some activities, such as choir and instrumental groups, are held year round and require a long-term commitment. Others, such as games, need no commitment and have a changing population.

Term Four is a big term for sport training for the interschool teams and also for choral and instrumental groups as they prepare for celebration events at the end of the year.

A paper copy of the activities for Term 4 will be sent home early in Week 2 and a copy will be available for students on classroom windows as well.

Mrs Bev Starrenburg
Junior School Coordinator

ICAS – International Competitions and Assessments for School in Junior School, English

During Term Three, students from Years 3 to 6 had the opportunity of entering the ICAS English Competition.

Once again a number of students across these year levels achieved a Distinction for their tests.

This result places them in the Australian top 11% of their Year Level of all students who entered this year’s competition.

A further 34 students achieved a credit, placing them within the top 25%.

In general, our students continued to perform well, especially in the literary questions.

The following students will be presented with their certificate of Distinction at an upcoming Assembly:

Lily Maher
Natasha Bartels
Tobin Eisenmenger
Alex Cappiello
Holly Castle
Zeph Hardie
Hudson Poole
Toby Ward
Mariam Mettyas
Jethro Ting
Siena Hardie
Malakai Allen

Congratulations to these students for their excellent results.

Mrs Janene Grant
Early Years/Curriculum Coordinator

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