Uganda Mission Trip Team are en route

The Uganda Mission Trip team boarded their plane yesterday afternoon and are now en route to Doha! Our prayers and love are with you as you go be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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College Café Thank You Afternoon Tea

12278982_711504688985069_3652304869739470946_nWeek to week, the College Café, run by Penny Robinson and her wonderful team of helpers and volunteers, put on a delicious, healthy and gourmet fare for our Northside students and staff.

Yesterday Penny thanked her team with a delectable afternoon tea. For those volunteers who could make it, we hope you enjoyed the afternoon and to those who couldn’t make it, we want to make sure you get our BIG thank you too!


The last day of College Café operation for Junior School is Monday 30 November.


First Week Program for 2016

The Education Minister Kate Jones has announced this week,  that state schools will now have Monday 25 January as a student free day.

To preempt any community enquiries, please be aware that the Northside Week 1 program will continue as per our normal schedule outlined below.

Keep an eye out for the 2016 College Planner in the near future.

2016 First week program

Monday 25 January

Year 12    Leadership Day, 8.30-3.00pm,  Auditorium

Year 9     Leadership Day8.30-3.00pm, Middle School Courtyard

Year 7     Orientation Morning, 8.30 – 10.30am, Lecture Theatre

New Students Orientation, 8.30 – 10.30am

  • Junior School – Year level classrooms
  • Middle School – G1
  • Senior School– SC3

Prep staggered entry program begins    Monday morning  – Group A

Wednesday 27 January

School resumes for all students in Years 1-12

Prep staggered entry program continues, Wednesday morning – Group B

Thursday 28 January

Prep staggered entry program continues, Full Day – Group A

Friday 29 January

Prep staggered entry program continues, Full Day – Group B

Australian Science Innovations – Big Science Competition

The Science Department would like to congratulate the following students who performed outstandingly well in this year’s Big Science Competition by either being awarded high distinction or distinction:

High Distinction – Intermediate – Year 10
Joel Hunter
Jacob Wilkinson
High Distinction – Junior – Year 8
Zoe Maher
Tomei Dolezal
Levi Atkinson
Charlotte Pietsch
Distinction – Intermediate – Year 10
Xander Uhlmann
William Whigham
Timothy Dieters
John-Paul Farrell
Harrison Burgess
Ethan Kuss
Distinction – Junior – Year 8
Tahlia Alforque
Peter Garlick
Mikaela Richardson
Chloe Jackson
Claire Ryan
Hunter Stuart
Joshua Donnan
Laura James

Mr Alec David
Head of Science

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