Ready to submit your application?

Please review the below application checklist (required documents) and proceed with our online application process. You can always start the online application, and resume it at a later date. If you need help through this process, please call us on (07) 3353 1266.

Application checklist

  • Pastor’s Reference - one per family. Compulsory part of the application from a Pastor/Minister in the family’s church confirming that at least one parent is a practising Christian and that the parent(s) and children attend church on a regular basis.
  • Birth Certificate - compulsory
  • Current School Reports - if applicable
  • NAPLAN Reports - if applicable
  • Medical Information, Reports, Plans etc - if applicable
  • Court Orders - if applicable

Online Application

Please complete the online application for each child applying to the College and provide the necessary supporting documentation (Please see the Application checklist above). 

Once an application has been completed, all supporting documents have been submitted, and the non-refundable $50 is paid, the application will be classed as complete. The application would then officially enter the waiting list for the relevant entry point. 

Unfortunately, without all of the above mentioned documentation, an application would remain incomplete and unable to proceed any further.

Pastor/Minister's Reference

Northside Christian College was established by Nexus Church in 1985 to provide an education of high academic standards that is based on an acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the Bible as the revealed word of God. 

At Northside, we believe that school, home and church are partners in the education of children. By partnering with families who have the same values and beliefs we teach at school and the child receives at church, we believe we raise students who are confident in their abilities, their purpose, and their identity in Christ. 

Whilst everyone is welcome to apply, the Pastor’s Reference forms part of compulsory documentation needed to support the enrolment application. This reference is required by every family who applies at the College. Unfortunately, without this, the application is considered incomplete and cannot proceed to the next step in the application process. 

Download Pastor/Minister's Reference (PDF)

Filling out the Reference

The Reference Form is to be completed by the applicant's Pastor/Minister. 

  1. Download the Pastor/Minister's Reference
  2. Save the PDF form on your computer
  3. Email the PDF form to your Pastor/Minister to be completed, saved and sent directly to

Once the application is classed completed and all supporting documents have been submitted, parents and the student applying for entry may be invited to attend an interview with the Enrolment Panel. The interview will be conducted by: 

  • The Head of School or his/her representative 
  • The Principal or his/her representative 
  • The Business Manager or his/her representative. 

An interview is the time for both parties to ask questions and discuss expectations. Should an offer of a place result, this will be communicated in writing by a Letter of Offer.

Selection Criteria

Please note that lodgement of an application does not ensure enrolment.  An offer of a position will depend upon these four things:

  • A fully completed enrolment application, with all the necessary supporting documentation
  • The availability of a place in the college
  • The application being approved by the Enrolment Panel and, if so
  • A successful interview with the Enrolment Panel
Accepting an Offer

Enrolment will be confirmed on receipt of the non-refundable Confirmation fee. Confirmation fee is $200/student, capped at $500/family.

Parents are also required to sign a Student Enrolment Contract accepting the policies, rules and regulations of the College by the date indicated in the Letter of Offer - usually 30 days from the date of offer.

Starting at Northside Christian College


Close to the date of your child(ren)’s commencement (usually within 90 days), you will receive a comprehensive Information Pack regarding a variety of topics such as uniforms, book lists, instrumental lessons, bus information and fees. 

Depending on the year level of entry, your child may also receive an invitation to spend a day experiencing school life at the College. An orientation morning for all new starters is scheduled at the beginning of the year of commencement. This morning is solely for new students.

When is the best time to apply

We take applications all year round for all year levels. At Northside Christian College interviews take place 12-18 months prior (depending on a year level) to the commencement, therefore we encourage you to submit your application at your earliest convenience as classes fill fast. 

When to Start School Calculator

Do I get an automatic enrollment into Northside Christian College if my child is enrolled in Next Steps Kindy?

Entry to Northside Christian College has an independent application process. Please see the application process and criteria.

Does the child have to be dedicated, baptised, or christened in the church?

Northside is a Christian school for Christian families, with approximately 100 churches represented by the student body. Consequently, we respect the differences between various Christian denominations around such matters as infant, child, or adult dedications, baptisms, confirmations or christenings; yet also require our families to respect, accept and encourage your children to participate in the Christian education and practices of the College.

Are students required to be immunised to attend Northside?

Northside Christian College recognises the decision to immunise your child is a personal one. We recommend parents speak with their general practitioner and review the Queensland Government’s publications on the benefits of immunisation.

Does Northside Christian College accept International Students?

Yes - please contact our Enrolments Officer or see our International Students page.

Does Northside Christian College provide transport for Students?

Yes - we have our own modern fleet of buses that provide a service to most surrounding suburbs. Please see our Services page.

Does Northside Christian College accept single parents?

Yes, we welcome families of single parents, and even have situations where grand-parents or other sole guardians of children come to Northside seeking a great Christian educational experience for their children.

How do you define "A Christian"

At Northside Christian College, we believe that a Christian is a person who has made Jesus Christ both Saviour and Lord of his/her life. That is, a Christian is a person who:

  • believes that Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, died and rose again
  • has recognised his/her sinful condition
  • has received forgiveness of his/her sins through faith in Jesus Christ and
  • seeks to live his/her life in obedience to God’s Word.

Christianity is, in essence, an ongoing relationship with God – not just a Sunday morning event, but a way of life.

Other questions

Email us at or call on +61 7 3353 1266 between 8:30am and 4pm Monday to Friday.