Senior School

Senior School at Northside Christian College is focussed on equipping students for life beyond school - academically, spiritually and emotionally. Our students prepare diligently for tertiary studies and vocational pathways alongside fostering the values and maturity needed to thrive as a Christian in our society.

Flexible study options in Senior School - Northside Christian College

All students study Christian Foundations which focusses on biblical studies and discipleship; as well as Life Skills which teaches study strategies, social and emotional skills development, budgeting, health and relationship wisdom.

Senior School at Northside Christian College includes Year 10 as well as Year 11 and 12. We believe including Year 10 students in the Senior School provides important preparation for their Year 11 and 12 studies.

High School students have the opportunity not only to have a wide choice of subjects in their study program, but structured and incidental opportunities to be mentored and guided by older students as well as their teachers. Year 10 students complete intensive career education and planning; Year 11 students engage in Work Experience and our Year 12 students undergo rigorous Core Skills Test preparation. All year levels have many opportunities to develop their servant-hearted leadership skills. Missions also plays a large role in senior school, offering both overseas and local opportunities.

Senior School is a place where collaboration with other students and teachers occurs continually, both inside and outside of the classroom. All students are encouraged to dig deeper into their chosen subjects and gain an extensive knowledge of their required content. It is also a safe place where students can deepen their faith as they walk alongside their peers and staff at Northside Christian College.

Strong Academic Record

Northside Christian College's secondary school was ranked in the top 7% of Queensland schools in The Australian's annual school rating (2016). Read more.

Subject Profiles

The following guides contain detailed information regarding each subject offered in Years 10 to 12 at Northside Christian College.

    Subject Selection Guide


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