Sport is an integral part of student life at Northside. Through the sporting program, students are provided with rich opportunities to not only excel physically, but also develop self-confidence, resilience and lifelong healthy habits. Through sport, students learn the value of commitment, teamwork and positivity.

Students of all ages benefit from the diverse range of sporting opportunities offered through interhouse and interschool carnivals, interschool fixtures, tournaments, gala days, social sport, regular fitness training and lunch time competitions. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re interested in competitive team or individual sports, playing for fun and fitness, or a talented athlete with aspirations to progress to regional, state or national level representation.

Representative Sport

Students who excel at particular sports have the opportunity to trial for District and Regional teams, with the possibility of being selected to represent Queensland School Sport.

Gala Days

Interschool Sport

Interschool Sport

Our Year 7, 8 and 9 students are involved in the North West Secondary District Interschool Sport competition. This occurs during school time on Wednesday (Year 7 & 8) and Thursday (Year 9) afternoons, with students given the opportunity to represent the College in a range of sports. The emphasis of this program is participation and team spirit. Those not selected in a team are catered for with a skills-based sports program on campus.

Representative Sport

Throughout the year there are many opportunities for students who excel at particular sports to trial for District and Regional teams, with the possibility of being chosen to represent Queensland School Sport at national carnivals. Trial dates and times are communicated via student notices.

Interhouse Carnivals

Participation and house spirit are the essence of these carnivals, and the sporting calendar caters to all students, with separate carnivals for junior and secondary students. Our Prep to Year 2 students don’t miss out on the action, with their own Sports Carnival consisting of age-appropriate activities. For students aged 9 years and over, interhouse carnivals are the pathway to school representation for their respective sports.


Beginners and skilled players are catered for through district interschool fixtures for Years 5 to 9, as well as BOSBL and Champion Basketball School of Queensland for secondary students.


Cross Country

Interhouse carnivals for years 3 to 12, as well as the opportunity to represent the College and progress to District, Regional and State Teams for talented runners aged 9 and over.


Soccer is on offer as a District Sport for students in years 5 to 9.

All secondary students have the chance to represent the College in the Brisbane Christian Schools gala day, as well as other tournaments from time to time.


Secondary students have the opportunity to represent the College in the Brisbane Outer Schools League.


District competition for Years 5 to 9. Secondary netball teams compete in the BOSNL and BCS, with the biennial New Zealand netball tour a highlight of the secondary netball calendar.


Years 3 to 12 participate in Interhouse swimming carnivals.

Talented swimmers aged 9 and above given the opportunity to represent the College and progress to District, Regional and State Teams.


Interschool touch is offered to students from years 5 to 12, with teams playing in district fixtures, district and Brisbane Christian Schools gala days, as well as the Brisbane Outer Schools League.

Volleyball & Beach Volleyball

Students progress from interschool Beach Volleyball in Years 5 and 6 to court volleyball in Years 7 to 9, competing in district competitions. BOSVL is offered to all secondary students.

Running Squad

For keen runners in Years 3 to 6 to assist with preparation for the cross country season.

Secondary Sport


Swimming Season Events:

  • NCC Secondary Interhouse Swimming Carnival
  • North West Secondary District Swimming Carnival
  • Metropolitan North Swimming Trials
  • CSSAQ Swimming Carnival

Northside’s Secondary Swimming Squad assembles after the Interhouse Swimming Carnival and commits to regular weekly training sessions throughout the season. This squad is tailored towards both our regular squad swimmers and those who are not regularly attending squad training elsewhere. Headed by Mr Mark Rienecker and former Olympic Gold Medalist Duncan Armstrong, this squad trains and competes throughout Term 1.

Cross Country

Cross Country Season Events:

  • NCC Secondary Interhouse Cross Country
  • North West Secondary District Cross Country
  • Metropolitan North Cross Country Trials
  • CSSAQ Cross Country Carnival

NCC’s Cross Country team commences at the start of Term 2 with weekly squad training on Wednesday mornings at Teralba Park. As well as representing the College, students have the opportunity to reach State and National level on an individual basis. The team is headed up by Mrs Kayleen Morrison and four-time Olympian Benita Willis and trains and competes during Term 2.


Athletics Season Events:

  • NCC Secondary Interhouse Athletics Carnival
  • North West Secondary District Athletics Carnival
  • Metropolitan North Track and Field Championships
  • CSSAQ Athletics Carnival

Our athletics season kicks off at the end of Term 2 and continues until the CSSAQ Athletics Carnival held in Term 3. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive athletics training program covering all track and field disciplines in before- and after-school and lunch time sessions. This program is headed up by Mrs Kayleen Morrison, with assistance from NCC alumni and national athletics representatives Tiana and Joshua Morrison.

Football (Soccer and Futsal)

Football Season:

  • BOS Futsal League (Term 1)
  • Bill Turner Cup - for boys 15 & Under (Term 2)
  • Bill Turner Trophy - for girls 15 & Under (Term 2)
  • UHL Sport Cup - for girls and boys 19 & Under (Term 2)
  • BOS Soccer League (Term 3)
  • CSSAQ Soccer Carnival (Term 3)

NCC offers multiple opportunities for students to participate in various competitions throughout the futsal and soccer seasons. Our focus is on teamwork and improving the individual to become a well-rounded and highly skilled footballer. Heading up the Futsal and Soccer program is Ps Wayne Knipe, who played for the Brisbane Strikers when they were in the national Soccer League and has a heart to see young people reach their potential. Mr Chris Rose and Mr Josh King, as well as experienced alumni Gianni and Josephine Giavon, assist with coaching of various teams.


Touch Football

Touch Football Season:

  • BOS Touch League (Term 1)
  • CSSAQ Touch Carnival (Term 1)

Our touch football season commences late in term four with all players involved in pre-season training and trials in preparation for an early kick-off in term one. We have a highly experienced team of coaches who are dedicated to improving students individual playing skills and developing team strategies, including Mrs Kayleen Morrison, Mrs Julie Elliott, former South African touch football representative Mr Andrew Cook, Josh and Tiana Morrison and Mark and Juanine Passfield.


Volleyball Season:

  • BOS Volleyball League (Term 2)
  • CSSAQ Volleyball Carnival (Term 3)

NCC’s volleyball program, headed up by Mr Laurie Bell, has been growing steadily each year. Senior teams enjoy participating in the BOS Volleyball League, with both middle school and senior teams catered for in the CSSAQ Volleyball Carnival. The Volleyball season commences with training and trials at the end of term 1, ready for competition throughout term 2.


Basketball Season:

  • BOS Basketball League (Term 2)
  • CBSQ State Championships (Term 3)
  • CSSAQ Basketball (Term 3)
  • USA / Canada Basketball Tour (every 2 years)

NCC’s basketball season is jam-packed with action. Starting in Term 2 with the BOSBL and finishing with the Champion Basketball School of Queensland event in Term 3, there are offerings for all secondary students who wish to participate. A highlight of the basketball season is the biennial international tour to the USA and Canada. Mr Michael O’Neill, supported by a number of quality coaches including staff, alumni and parents, heads the basketball program up.


Netball Season:

  • BOS Netball League (Term 3)
  • CSSAQ Netball Carnival (Term 3)
  • Super 7’s Netball Gala Days
  • New Zealand Tour (every 2 years)

NCC has a range of opportunities for students wishing to represent the College on a netball team. Headed up by Mrs Karen Pillinger-Burns and supported by a number of quality coaches including Mrs Angela Smith and Mrs Abi Richardson, the netball program aims to improve students’ skills and build teamwork. Positions on the New Zealand tour teams are well sought after, with the tour a definite highlight of our netball program.