Students explore, discover and develop their talents and interests through Northside's diverse offerings of co-curricular activities.

Alongside our academic and vocational programs, rich learning opportunities arise through extensive co-curricular activities, faith-in-action missions trips, challenging camping programs, creative pursuits, overseas student-exchanges and sporting interests.

Some examples of our co-curricular activities include: 

Lunchtime Activities
  • Chess
  • Debating
  • Robotics
  • Choirs
  • Bands
  • Dance
  • Prayer & Discipleship
  • Language Club
  • Writing & Reading Groups
  • Sports Coaching and Training
Academic Opportunities
  • Battle of the Minds (BOM)
  • ICAS Competitions (Mathematics, Science & Computing)
  • Biennial Musicals
  • Maths Team Challenge
  • Maths Engineering Challenge
  • University Courses
  • Extension Classes
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology Olympiads
  • Public Speaking Competitions
Leadership Groups
  • Peer support
  • Event management
  • Technical team training
  • Arts
  • Chapel
Mission and Outreach Activities
  • Aged-Care Home visits
  • Valley Street Ministry
  • World Vision Fundraising
  • Overseas Missions Trips