Junior School is distinguished by its Christ-centred approach, which focuses on knowing God and loving people.

From Prep to Year 6, each student is catered for as an individual, recognising their differing strengths and ability to perform and achieve across subject areas and school activities.


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Lower Junior School

Years Prep - 2

Children are immersed in an environment that stimulates curiosity and wonder about their world, their God, and the people around them.

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Upper Junior School

Years 3-6

Focus on developing mastery of skills and strategies to enable students to learn effectively and develop wholesome and God-honouring relationships.

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Our desire is to know Christ and to be Christ-like.

As our youngest students begin their faith journey, we encourage students to explore and grow in their relationship with Jesus through daily classroom devotionals and prayer, faith-in-action opportunities, Missions trips, Bible story reading and Chapels. Students also learn scripture as a part of the memory verses program.

Australian Curriculum from a Christian Worldview

While the Australian Curriculum forms the basis of curriculum content, learning activities promote thinking from the Biblical perspective, thinking creatively and thinking critically.

Sequential core curriculum covers the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Computer studies and Information skills, Christian studies, the Arts and Physical education.

Effective and Positive Communication Skills

The development of effective communication skills starts in Junior School through various formal and informal opportunities.

Strong Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning

In Mathematics, there is an emphasis on activity-based learning, leading to understanding of concepts and skills.

Innovative Thinking and Digital Responsibility

We aim to mentor tomorrow’s social innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers. Students gain important skills in the computer labs and through various other opportunities. 

Enrichment Opportunities
  • Mathematical Olympiads 
  • Maths Games
  • Team Accelerated Reader Extension 
  • Small Maths Group – Lower Primary 
  • Lego Robotics - Students learn how to construct and program robots. Students enjoy the challenge of learning to code and racing the robots to (virtual) outer space and back.
Special Programs
Perceptual Motor Program

Skills that Northside Christian College students in Prep and Year 1 learn through participating in PMP build the foundations for successful performance in the school environment, which positively affects academic performance. Northside Prep and Year 1 students engage in Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) to develop the motor skills of balance, locomotion and eye/hand/foot co-ordination. 

Specialist Lessons

Northside Christian College Primary School offers specialist lessons offered by trained teachers with expertise in their subject areas. These lessons include: Arts,  Languages- Spanish, Library, Dance and Drama and Physical Education. 


In Visual Art students explore ideas and processes to create artworks. They collaborate and respond to visual conventions and artworks they make and view.

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Spanish as a Second Language

In our increasingly interconnected world, the Spanish Language program provides students with the unique opportunity to communicate in a second language by developing their ‘linguistic competence’ and cultural understanding of the Spanish language.

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Dance & Drama

In Dance students learn to communicate and express meaning through expressive and purposeful movement. In Drama students develop skills and techniques with which they can explore a variety of personal & social worlds through role play.

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Physical Education

In PE classes students develop an enthusiasm for physical activity and a love of sport, which will lead to a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Students develop an understanding of the elements of music and how they create meaning in the music they listen to, compose and perform.

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Design Technologies

Students collaborate to explore and solve needs to realise design solutions using recycled and found materials.

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Character through Christ

Northside Christian College is dedicated to developing a spirit of excellence, to the development of the whole individual and to the service of God and others. Our culture fosters an engagement with learning, strength of character, a mindset of innovation and leadership; all flowing from and understanding of the Christian worldview.

Teamwork and Leadership Development

Each year, Student Leaders are chosen from Year 6 students who are given the responsibility of leading the student body in various academic, cultural and sporting events throughout the year.

Student Leadership
CARE program

All our students learn about courtesy, attitude, resilience and excellence through our Bible-based CARE program. Your child will receive Bible-based foundations and consistent values and morals.

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Year 5 and 6 students partner with our “littlies” as big brothers and sisters to help them negotiate their early school experiences through our CHUMS & PALS programs.

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Discovering and Developing Talents and Interests

Each student has great potential and unique, God-given gifts and talents. We offer a range of opportunities to engage, develop and release them into their unique calling. 

Rich Co-Curricular Opportunities

The Junior School curriculum is enhanced by numerous co-curricular activities which provide varied opportunities for students to develop special interests, skills and abilities, as well as experience new areas for development.

Junior School Co-Curricular

Junior School offers many sporting opportunities for students

Camps and Excursions (Years 3-12)

Camps create the perfect balance of challenge and fun where students collaborate to discover hidden strengths and build resilience.

Camps and Excursions

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