A Christian School for Christian Families

It is the foundation from which we work and the heart that we carry with us in every approach to school life.

While the Australian Curriculum forms the basis of curriculum content, learning activities promote thinking from the Biblical perspective, thinking creatively and thinking critically.

Our aim is to help students discover their God-given talents and offer them well-researched and God-inspired education and pastoral programs. We see our students flourish as our passionate teachers go above and beyond to educate minds, encourage physical health, support emotional wellbeing and nourish spiritual growth.

Education Support

Both Junior School and Secondary School provide support to students with learning difficulties and physical disabilities in their purpose-built learning support centres. Each centre is staffed with highly qualified learning specialists and a vibrant team of caring, dedicated teacher aides. The educational specialists conduct diagnostic testing, coordinate adaptations to learning, and devise specific programs to develop targeted skills while the aides provide classroom, individual, and small group assistance.

Enrichment Opportunities in Junior School

Mathematical Olympiads & Maths Games Team

Junior School put forward a team for the Australasian Mathematical Problem Solving competition.  The students, from Years Four to Six, have demonstrated commitment, perseverance, enthusiasm and a willingness to try new ideas. It has been pleasing to see the improvement in problem solving abilities and the way students are beginning to articulate their mathematical thinking.

Creative Writing

Small groups of students from Year Five and Six were involved in creating short stories that are exactly 100 words long. These are mini-stories that give students an opportunity to celebrate writing. The students are challenged to grapple with vocabulary and how to convey their message in a succinct and engaging way. Year Four students have taken well-known fairy tales and given them a twist, keeping all the regular characters but shaping some of the characters to become opposite in nature from the original. This information is finally presented in a story with the student being the TV news broadcaster.