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About Northside Christian College

With a heart for Christian families, Northside Christian College was established to provide an education that was academically excellent and spiritually wholesome for local Christian church members.

Over thirty-four years later, Northside is now a leading private, co-educational, non-denominational Brisbane Christian college in Everton Park. Our heartbeat and foundation remain the same, our results speak for themselves, and our community is ever-growing. 

We offer Christ-centred education from Prep to Year 12, and partner with our families and their churches to raise disciples of Jesus; educated and equipped for any future. 

With the focus firmly on ‘Character through Christ’, the College has become respected for great academic results, commitment to character development, sporting spirit, and passionate community service.

Northside is a God-honouring, Christ-focused, student-esteeming and parent-respecting school. We seek to proclaim His truth through not just our school curriculum, but through our conduct as teachers, students, staff, parents, family, volunteers and alumni. 

We are Northside. 


Northside Christian College is a leader in Christian education in Brisbane, preparing students who will be transformational in their spheres of influence. We work to intentionally raise up future leaders. 


We are daily committed to our mission, which is: ‘To make disciples of Jesus Christ, educated and equipped for any future.’


Faith in Christ is seen as the foundation to life. Each student is provided with the opportunity to understand the teaching of the Scriptures and to become a follower of Jesus Christ in both belief and action. 

College Principal, Northside Christian College

Mr. Leighton Kuss

Mr Leighton Kuss, Principal of Northside Christian College

At the centre of everything we do as a community is a love for Jesus Christ. 

He is the reason the College exists, and following him is the unifying force among our staff and families. The College was born out of a desire to create an environment that fosters rich and respectful collaboration between children’s most important influencers: parents, church and school.

Our students thrive—body, soul, and spirit—in an educational setting that caters to a wide variety of interests and needs. Approachable, dedicated staff and a safe, supportive community help children flourish. We equip our students to think well, believe strongly, strive for excellence and practise personal integrity.

We care, most of all, what kind of person each young man and woman becomes.

Character through Christ 

Character through Christ is the DNA of the College. It's built into every facet of Northside, aspired to by all, from staff and students to our wider community. We partner with parents and churches to foster authentic faith that is characterised by active love and dedication to the teachings of Christ.

We teach a little by what we say; we teach more by what we do; and we teach most by who we are - our life, disposition, attitude, reactions, godly decorum, and ethos of influence. 

The College is not an escape or protection, but a proactive enabling of our students for life and excellence in education. It sets them up with a strong Christian worldview that enables them to respond with a good apologetic to a non-Christian worldview.

Brisbane Christian School

Our catchment area is not geographical, but spiritual. 

Our Northside Christian College community is enriched by students from more than 100 churches of various denominations. These include:

The style of worship at the College is contemporary. As far as possible, students are the musicians, singers and leaders of worship and chapels. Our students love worshiping alongside their classmates and peers, and expressing their faith through music.


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