Character through Christ

Northside Christian College Junior School (Prep - Year 6) is distinguished by its Christ-centred approach, which focuses on knowing God and loving people. 

Fostering Christ-like Character

No matter what the future holds, character will guide our graduates in their relationships and careers.

From Prep to Year 6, each student is catered for as an individual, recognising their differing strengths and ability to perform and achieve across subject areas and school activities.

Northside Christian College Prep

Attention to each little learner

In Prep, we have small class sizes and a Teacher's Aide in every classroom to help your child get the most out of this critical foundation year for schooling.

Australian Curriculum with a Christian Worldview 

Our program is based on the Australian National Curriculum and provides a Christian worldview. The program is formed around topics that provide a focus for learning experiences and skill development. Each term we study a major topic that is linked to specific learning areas and Biblical view.

Creative & Critical Thinking and Mathematical Skills

Learn to question, design, create organise, observe, predict and learn.

Language & Communication Skills

Develop appropriate language learning and communication skills.

Social, Emotional & Personal Learning Skills

Develop age appropriate social, emotional and personal learning skills.


Your child will start their faith journey in the guidance of our caring Christian staff. We encourage children to explore and grow in their relationship with Jesus through:  

  • Daily classroom devotionals & prayer
  • Faith-in-action opportunities
  • Bible story reading
  • Weekly Chapels that alternate with Assembly.
Northside Christian College Prep Bible themes in

Specialist Lessons at Northside Christian College Preparatory


Music at an early age helps children develop their cognitive, literacy, numeracy and even social skills.


Prep students have an opportunity to start developing literacy and research skills when visiting the library.

Physical Education

Physical education has a considerable impact on children's development beyond the physical fitness.

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)

PMP at Northside is run for students in Prep and Year One. The aim of the program is to give students experiences in seeing, hearing, touching, processing and making perceptual judgments. Students participate in activities involving jumping, skipping, balancing, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching or bowling. These skills are essential for students to function effectively in the world around them. 

The program focuses on four main motor outcomes; Balance, Locomotion, Eye/Hand/Foot Coordination and Fitness. Through participation in the program students are given opportunities to problem solve, develop fundamental sports skills, improve memory and develop awareness of the world they live in. 

Educational Play

Play is an integral part of a child's development and therefore our Prep program offers times for students to use their God-given interests and curiosities.

CARE program

All our students learn about courtesy, attitude, resilience and excellence through our Bible-based CARE program.

Your child will receive Bible-based foundations and consistent values and morals.


Year Five students partner with our “littlies” as big brothers and sisters to help them negotiate their early school experiences through our CHUMS programs.

Purpose-Built Facilities

Northside Prep is a purpose-built building with indoor/outdoor learning spaces and modern facilities. Our students have bright, air-conditioned and modern learning spaces for optimal learning. Our Prep Centre offers the following features:

  • Classrooms that can be extended into the veranda
  • Sensory play on the verandah to extend learning beyond classroom
  • Touch screen computers for individual and group work
  • Interactive whiteboards for teaching and group work
  • Kitchen as an extension of the classroom, where children can observe and learn basic cooking principles


Prep School Age in Qld

Prep eligibility for children is from the beginning of the school year in which they will reach the age of 5 years by 30 June.

Prep School Hours

Prep at Northside runs every weekday, from 8:30am until 2:45pm. Parents are required to drop-off/pick-up at these designated times, from the Prep carpark (Carpark 1).


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