Northside Christian College Prep

What Makes Northside Prep Special

Individual Attention to Each Child

We believe that individual attention and one-on-one time at the very start of the education journey sets our youngest students up for success. Our small class sizes and a Teacher assisted by a Teacher’s Aide in every classroom allows us to cater to the individual needs of each child.


We believe that compassion, love and faith are just as important as academics. Our Christian teachers model and live out their faith in the classroom. We encourage children to explore and grow in their relationship with Jesus through daily classroom devotionals and prayer, as well as various ‘faith in action’ opportunities, Bible story reading as well as weekly Chapels that alternate with Assembly.

CARE program

Our mission from the very beginning, 33 years ago, has been to partner with parents and the church in laying Bible-based foundations and teach consistent values and morals in our youngest students. We do this by offering a unique, age appropriate CARE program through puppet characters who are woven into everyday songs, stories and activities. Carrie Courtesy – Abel Attitude – Ruby Resilience – Eddie Excellence.

Prep at Northside Christian College, Everton Park

We believe that an active partnership in the role of educating your children and sharing beliefs and values between home, school and church lays a Biblical foundation for the development of each child and helps prepare them for their God-given future.

Northside Christian College Preparatory Centre:

Equips your child for the great future that God has for him/her

We're working towards achieving our College mission:

Making disciples of Jesus Christ and equipping for any future.

Prepares your child for the best start at school

By integrating your child into the structured environment of a Prep class and Junior School.

Fosters Creative & Critical Thinking Skills

Prep provides opportunities to question, design, create organise, observe, predict and learn.

Introduces Language & Communication Skills

To help your child develop appropriate language learning and communication skills.

Provides Mathematical Understanding

To help your child develop an understanding of early mathematical concepts.

Aims to Develop Social, Emotional & Personal Learning Skills

To develop age appropriate social, emotional and personal learning skills.

Unlocking Students' God-Given Gifts

Support for Each Individual

(PIPS) We seek to understand each child and identify their God-given gifts and talents and provide appropriate support in all areas of their development – socially, emotionally, physically, academically.

Educational Play

Albert Einstein said that play is the highest form of research. We believe that play is an integral part of a child's development and therefore our Prep program offers times for students to use their God-given interests and curiousities to learn through educational play.

Setting Students Up for Successful Start at School

The foundations for successful academic development are in the student’s physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and social development. Northside Prep students engage in Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) to develop the motor skills of balance, locomotion and eye/hand/foot co-ordination. Skills that children learn through participating in PMP build the foundations for successful performance in the school environment, which affects academic performance.

In addition:

  • Early identification of individual learning styles and needs
  • Opportunities for parent to join a supportive community 
  • Introduction of Coding (Bee Bots) – helps with positional language and directional language and sequencing skills.
  • Reading Eggs – phonics based program to compliment on-going phonological awareness learning (access available at home)
  • Interactive touch screen computers
  • Spalding-based introduction to learning to read and write (Phonograms and handwriting lessons)
  • Term Excursions
  • Theme based studies and Integrated Units of Curriculum
  • Reading and teaching of Bible stories

Specialist Lessons at Northside Christian College Prep

Our Prep classes share access to Junior School resources and participate in specialist classes:


Music at an early age helps children develop their cognitive, literacy, numeracy and even social skills.


Prep students have an opportunity to start developing literacy and research skills when visiting the library.

Physical Education

Physical education has a considerable impact on children's development beyond the physical fitness.

Purpose-Built Facilities

Northside Prep is a purpose-built building with indoor/outdoor learning spaces and modern facilities. Our students have bright, air-conditioned and modern learning spaces for optimal learning. Our Prep Centre offers the following features:

  • Classrooms that can be extended into the verandah, to enjoy the beautiful Queensland weather
  • Sensory play on the verandah to extend learning beyond classroom
  • Touch screens for individual and group work
  • Interactive whiteboards for teaching and group work
  • Kitchen as an extension of the classroom, where children can observe and learn basic cooking principles

Australian Curriculum with Christian Worldview

Our program is based on the Australian National Curriculum and provides a Christian worldview.

The program is formed around topics that provide a focus for learning experiences and skill development. Each term we study a major topic that is linked to specific learning areas and Biblical view.



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