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Without generosity of previous generations, Northside would not be here today. Your donation will join the countless others before you who have sown faithfully to see this college fulfil its mission: to make disciples of Jesus Christ, educated and equipped for any future.

Annual Giving

Your giving, large or small, builds our community and leaves a lasting legacy. Annual Appeal gifts will go into the Foundation and will target projects which will benefit our current and future students

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

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From the Principal

Northside Christian College, Principal

Advancing Northside is our campaign to support the vision of Northside, for both current and future students.

I trust that you will consider making a gift, however large or small. Giving gives to the heart of our community.

Our vision is clear. It has always been to make disciples of Jesus Christ: Educated and equipped for any future.

Over the coming years we wish to continue to expand the opportunities that students benefit from at Northside. We will do this through new capital projects that will build on the legacy established by generous donors over the first three decades of our history. 

We have an exciting Master plan that you can support through donating to our College Foundation.

Importantly from your feedback, we have enabled tax deductible gifts through the Foundation to support Scholarships for students who aspire to attend our College.

Thanks for believing in Northside.

Leighton Kuss, Principal 


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