It takes a village to raise a child and we are so grateful for all the parents, grandparents, alumni, aunts and uncles, and friends, who contribute to our many activities. Every year Northside Christian College has anywhere from 300-500 volunteers who bless the College with their time and talents. Our volunteers coordinate a variety of activities including fundraisers, events and programs with funds going towards College missions trips and other activities.

Why Volunteer

By volunteering, our families have shown their children that they take an interest in their education, sending a positive message that they consider school a worthwhile cause.

Northside’s vivacious village continues to exceed our expectations, hopes and dreams, and students and staff have been blessed by our voluntary army who selflessly donate time, resources and talent to countless activities and programs.

Ann-Margaret Rose, College Volunteers Coordinator

Volunteer Induction
  1. Please watch the Volunteer Induction Video by Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ).
  2. Review and familiarise yourself with Northside Christian College's Child Protection Policy. 
  3. Review and familiarise yourself with the Volunteer Guidelines and Parent & Community Code of Conduct.
  4. If you have a Blue Card, please email it to If you do not have a volunteer Blue Card but would like to obtain it, please see the information below on how to apply. 
  5. Please fill out the Induction form.

Contact us

Ann-Margaret Rose

College Volunteers Coordinator

07 3353 1266