Instrumental music, choirs, bands, orchestras, ensembles, and dance all form part of the ‘Arts Program’ at Northside Christian College.

From specialist music lessons in Prep through to extension subjects and qualifications in Senior School, the program is designed to equip students to use their God-given talents.


At Northside, our choral program features 3 key choirs across Lower Junior School, Upper Junior School and Secondary School. Students can join choirs by participation (no audition), with rehearsals taking place across lunch breaks. 

Mrs Cathy Cheel

Piccolos: Year 2 and 3 students

Mrs Adele King

Vivace Voices: Year 4-6 students

Mrs Adele King

Northside United Voices - Secondary

Instrumental Music Program

Years 4-6 Instrumental Music Program runs concurrently with the Curriculum Music program. In Year 3 Term 4 students have an opportunity to explore various classical instruments and nominate an instrument they would like to learn. 

The program aims to:

  • Develop the musical gifting of the student 
  • Provide students with a wide range of musical experiences
  • Develop student’s awareness of music as an instrument of worship toward God 
Instruments and Teaching staff

Each student receives a group instrumental lesson leading to the formation of a concert band or strings group, giving all participants the experience of performing in an ensemble.  

We have a dedicated team of talented and professional teachers with many years of experience. While not employees of the College, all our Instrumental Music Teachers hold a Blue Card and are experienced in working with students.  

How to sign up, what's included and cost

In Term 4 of Year 3 all parents will receive an email from the Instrumental Music Coordinator with information on the program and selection of instruments on offer.

Students will be given an opportunity to meet with various teachers and explore different instruments. A form will be sent home with students where they will be able to select their top 3 choices of instruments.

Year 4 - Group lesson ($400 annual fee).

Year 5 - Group lesson ($400 annual fee).

Year 6 - Group lesson ($400 annual fee).

Lessons and practice

Students will receive information on the location and time of lessons. Lessons will take place on campus during the day.

To encourage more independence, students are responsible to know their lesson time for each week and to attend the practices and lessons. Students’ progress will be recorded in the Report Cards at the end of each Semester.

Practicing instrument at home is part of the responsibility of being in the program. Beginners should commence with 10-15 minutes of practice, 5 days a week, with the amount of time spent increasing as ability increases and membership in higher level ensembles is attained.

Practice should include: Warm up, scales, technical work, studies and pieces as set by the teacher and ensemble music (if given). Parent encouragement goes a long way. It is helpful to try to build the practice time into the daily homework time. 


There are various ways in which Northside student have opportunities to showcase their talents and skills. 

Depending on the skill level and year level, these include: Assemblies and Chapels, Music Showcases, Concerts, College Arts Festival, the College Musical, recordings and many other opportunities.


Music teachers will provide information on bands and ensembles on offer once students have reached a satisfactory level of competency on their instrument. Students in string, wind, brass and percussion students will have an opportunity to join an instrumental ensemble. 

Guitar, keyboard and drum students are also encouraged to audition for places in ensembles, as well as chapel bands.

Northside Orchestra

Secondary (Years 7-12) chamber orchestra, which accompanies the musical, celebrations and other events.

Stage Band

Secondary (Years 7-12) band featuring brass & rhythm players.


Middle School (Years 7-9)  String ensemble featuring violin, cello and double bass.

Strung Out

Advanced String students (Years 7-12) via invitation and audition.

Secondary Flute Ensemble

Advanced Flute ensemble, by audition

Junior Concert Band

Junior (Years 5-6) band featuring woodwind, brass & percussion.

Secondary Concert Band

Secondary (Years 7-12) band featuring woodwind, brass & percussion.

Woodwind Ensemble

Secondary (Years 7-12) by invitation and audition.

Guitar Ensemble

Years 5-12 guitar ensemble, performing arrangements of popular songs. Electric, acoustic and bass guitar welcome.


A drum ensemble for all types of drums and drumming techniques. 

Private Tuition Lessons (Years 1-12)

Northside provides on-site private tuition across every instrumental music category: strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, guitar, piano, and vocals. Providing private tuition through our music tutors allows our students to deepen their instrumental knowledge, have access to music industry experts, and have consistent mentoring as they transition from beginners to performers.

How to sign up and Lessons
  1. Submit an application (Administration Fee of $30 will be charged on your Tuition account at a later date)
  1. You will be contacted by the Instrumental Music Teacher or Speech and Drama Teacher prior to lessons commencing.

Students will receive information on the location and time of lessons. Lessons will take place on campus during the day. 

To encourage more independence, students are responsible to know their lesson time and to attend the practices and lessons. Students’ progress will be recored in the Report Cards at the end of each Semester. 

Teaching Staff

We have a dedicated team of talented and professional teachers with many years of experience. While not employees of the College, all our Instrumental Music Teachers hold a Blue Card and are experienced in working with students.  


Practicing an instrument at home is part of the responsibility of being in the program. Beginners should commence with 10-15 minutes of practice, 5 days a week, with the amount of time spent increasing as ability increases and membership in higher level ensembles is attained. 

Practice should include:  Warm up, scales,technical work, studies and pieces as set by the teacher and ensemble music (if given). Parent encouragement goes a long way. 

It is helpful to try to build the practice time into the daily homework time. 

Individual Private Tuition and Shared PrivateTuition

Individual Private Tuition - One-on-one private lessons 

Cost: $40.00 excluding GST (½ hour) 
$30.00 annual administration fee

Private lessons are tailored to each student. Teachers, parents and students can collaborate to establish a program designed for the student to achieve the students’ goals.

Suitable for:

  • Students wanting to undertake AMEB exams
  • Students who respond well to individual attention & work best on their own
  • Highly motivated students who are progressing too quickly for group lessons
  • Students who are working well but find it difficult to keep pace with a group.

Shared Private Tuition - Small group of students of similar standards and ability 

Cost: $27.50 excluding GST (½ hour per student)
$30.00 annual administration fee

Group lessons are carefully planned by teachers to cover a set amount of work per lesson. The teacher must cater to the needs of the whole group rather than focusing on individual needs, however, teachers will try wherever possible to help those who fall behind or to extend those who are ahead. 

Suitable for:

  • Students who respond to group dynamic
  • Students who are motivated by having their peers around them
  • Students who require a slightly lighter workload.

Trumpet, Euphonium, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba


Contemporary, Classical, Bass


Classical, Contemporary, Jazz


Drum Kit, Auxiliary, Percussion


Violin, Viola, Cello


Classical, Contemporary


Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone

Meet our teachers

Extension Opportunities

For many students, learning an instrument is an exciting opportunity, and encourages them to pursue learning and performances outside of the curriculum. 

Northside provides programs and events to give students more of these opportunities, including musicals, extension subjects, certificates/qualifications.


Northside Christian College’s vibrant chapels bring worship to the school week. As the students advance through the school, they take on increasing amounts of ownership for the running of the chapels. 

While younger children enjoy age-appropriate songs and lessons, In Middle and Senior Schools a Chapel Captain is appointed who plans chapels and with a group of other students contribute as singers, musicians, speakers, and technicians to deliver meaningful worship services through prayerful collaboration.


Showcasing the wide range and professional- standard of performing arts at Northside, the College musicals are always a hit with our students and school community.

From Footloose, Godspell, Annie, Beauty and the Beast and Matilda, there is an impressive track record of musical productions - always with the heart to reclaim the Arts for God.

Our students leave the musical experience feeling confident in their God-given abilities, and having built strong relationships with peers across Middle and Senior School. 

Junior School Concert

All Junior School ensembles and bands are involved in our biennial Junior School Concert, given the chance to perform to a large audience and build their confidence as musicians and performers. 

Music Extension

Offered in Year 12, our Music Extension subject is provided for those students who wish to pursue further music studies or a career in the music industry post-school.

The subject focuses on developing a higher level understanding of theory, fine-tuning performances, and mentoring through original compositions.

Music Curriculum

Northside’s performing arts program follows the Australian Curriculum, whilst acknowledging that all students are uniquely gifted by God. Our teachers invest in each student to see their creative and artistic talent come to light, whilst equipping them all with the same toolkit across music, dance and drama.

By providing students with ongoing specialist lessons and a standardized curriculum, all students have the opportunity to try out various performing arts whilst developing academically and socially.

Junior School

At Northside Prep students enjoy one 40-minute music lesson a week. They also sing songs and listen to music at chapel, assembly and in class on most days during devotions.

The purpose of early childhood music is to lay the foundation of the children’s future music education and awaken an interest in this area within the students. Music is proven to increase brain activity, thus contributing to children’s intellectual development. Listening to music has been shown to stimulate parts of the brain associated with reading, mathematics and the emotional development of children.

In music lessons the students learn beat and rhythm, they play percussion instruments and take part in musical games and listening activities. They learn to sing in-tune and explore dance and movement. The benefits of these lessons range from improving co-ordination, self- confidence, teamwork, social and emotional development and spatial intelligence to assisting in areas of language and reasoning. Music develops imagination and thinking skills such as concentration, sequencing and memory.

Music cultivates discipline and patience and boosts self-esteem, stimulating students with challenging, but achievable goals. 

Most importantly, music education provides a creative, safe environment where students experience the sheer joy of music with their peers.

Secondary School

The music curriculum in Middle School provides opportunities for students to learn various instruments, along with developing listening skills (identifying tones, structures, and cultural and historical contexts), along with composing and performing songs.

Senior Music develops these concepts further - with a more comprehensive understanding of music history, a study of the nature of music (notation, chord structure, composition) and practical performance using a variety of instruments.

The Centre for Innovation and Creativity hosts a recording studio, 7 sound-proof recording studio booths, a large ensemble room with pitched percussion and grand piano, and two music classrooms. Students have access to these spaces during class times and via booking during lunch times and out of hours.

Contact Information

For all instrumental music or performing arts questions, please contact Mr Chris George (Instrumental Music Coordinator):