We're excited to introduce Parent Orbit, a new mobile app from Parent Lounge. This app will provide a seamless integration with your child's records, reduce email correspondence, and serve as the central platform for vital College information. 

How to download the Parent Orbit App

  1. Download ParentOrbit for Apple or Android
  2. Enter school code: northside (all lower case)
  3. Select "Nothside Christian College" and click on it. 
  4. If applicable - Select "Continue" to use "northside.qld.edu.au" to sign in. 
  5. Follow the prompts to proceed with your Parent Lounge login details to sign into the account. 
  6. Allow access to all the information provided. 
  7. If applicable - Please select “Allow push notifications” so you can receive the notifications sent by the College.
Parent Orbit App Northside Christian College

App Features

Student Details

Parents will be able to view their student’s information including General information, MCEECDYA information, View and Update Medical Details, Illness Log records, Extra Curricular History, Email Class Teachers, View and download Academic Reports.


Parents will get access to their child's electronic diary, as a day or month view and keep up to date with their children's activities. This includes a multi-student view for parents and the ability to include/exclude different calendar feeds.

Attendance & Absences

Parents will be able to acknowledge and submit absences, as well as view the attendance history.

Push Notifications / Notification History

The College will be able to send targeted notifications via the app, so that parents are only alerted to information that's relevant to their child. Parents will also be able to  search notification history.

Multi-School Login

Parents with a student at more than one school using Parent Lounge (TASS) will be able to switch between schools within the app, allowing parents to switch between each of their students seamlessly. Parents will receive a 'Short Link' and a 'School Code' from each school utilising the app.


Parents will have the ability to access and make payments for Events & Payments via links to Parent Lounge.