"There is something special about the culture and spirit of the Northside community.” We hear this all the time, and we couldn't agree more.

It's the quality of the relationships between students, staff and parents that makes the Northside community so exceptional. Founded on a common commitment to faith in Jesus Christ, our College culture fosters a love of learning, caring, and serving one another and our community.

Diversity unified by a common faith

Our unique community attributes that “special something” to the fact that each member endeavours to use their God given gifts to enhance College classrooms, programs, activities and events. 

As Christ is our role model, we are able to remain centred and focused on our founding College motto "Character through Christ". Our community rests secure in the knowledge we can work through all tasks and opportunities together. This is what makes us distinctively Northside and is our point of difference among the many educational institutions/ communities. It is our greatest joy to partner together and enables us to stand proud and say “We are Northside!

Purposefully building a Christ-centred culture

Whether it is the musical, reading groups, the cafe or any undertaking set before our unique community it is always achieved through the culmination of College students, staff and invaluable volunteers gifting talents and time in a collective effort.

We can only achieve this by building a culture of genuine appreciation from the very first moment a community member joins our Northside family. We provide opportunities for new families to meet, connect and build positive relationships with our existing community members throughout their first year. This important beginning provides the stepping stone to immersing them in to our community as a valued and appreciated member who is embraced and encouraged to be an active community member working with the already valued and deeply appreciated team.