Junior School students enjoy art in lunchtimes through a variety of activities. Under 8s Day includes easels for painting and craft tables where little artists can explore and create. In Middle School, every Year 9 cohort creates a mural to leave as a legacy of inspiration to future middle schoolers. Secondary school artists come to the fore in the musical's set design and construction.

The annual Da Vinci Festival celebrates the intersection of art, music, design and science. Students display their masterpieces in a campus gallery; short films are screened; music ensembles perform; and in the science labs, students demonstrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) through robotics and the wonders of creation in science.

One of the busiest buildings on the Northside campus is our vibrant art department. It's a place of industry and creation, collaboration and laughter, thinking and exploration. Out of it come not only impressive works of art, but also students who have grown in artistic skill, the capacity to think well, and the courage to try.

The art department is situated in the state-of-the-art Centre of Creativity and Innovation, Northside's exciting new building. Its heart—the team of inspirational art teachers who have nurtured many successful artists over the years—will remain.

Success Story

Creative Generation Awards acknowledge young Queensland artists for outstanding works. Northside students have excelled with a number of students honoured over the award's history. In 2015, an unprecedented number of our students were selected with four reaching the shortlist and two winners.

Kathleen O'Hagan, Class of 2016, was the epitome of dedication to her craft during her secondary years. Her hard work paid off, with her art winning multiple awards on a state and national level.