College House System

All Northside Christian College students are formed into four Houses: Booth, Elliot, Wesley and Graham. Every student and teacher is allocated to one the four Houses. Students participate in sporting and other events in House groups where they establish a sense of belonging and participate in friendly competition through sports carnivals, cross country, swimming, arts, and Battle of the Minds. 

Coloured polo shirts in House colours are available from the Uniform Shop. Students participate in House activities through sporting and educational events during the year. Each Northside House has a badge, which can be purchased at the Uniform Shop. 

Wesley House - Yellow

Named after John Wesley and his mother, Susannah. John Wesley led England’s greatest spiritual awakening, convicting and redeeming a nation. In his pursuit of holiness and to preach at outdoor evangelistic meetings, he covered much of the country repeatedly on horseback. His mother, through her faith and zeal, raised John, and brother Charles, to be world-changers with the Gospel.

Wesley House Cheer

Wesley, Wesley, do our best Win the races, ride the crest. Make the crowds stop and stare WESLEY, WESLEY, YEH! YEH! YEH! W – E – S- L – E – Y WESLEY

Wesley House Aw1 Reverse

Graham House - Red 

Named after Billy Graham and wife Ruth. Billy was a great evangelist of the twentieth century and preached in person in more than 80 countries. He reached millions with the Gospel through his extensive use of television and radio, focusing on proclaiming the Christian faith to non-believers. Billy was known for his integrity, humility and his delight in God’s word influencing lives and winning souls for Jesus Christ. Ruth was his confidante and companion in their Christian work.

Graham House Cheer

Graham, Graham, Oi! Oi! I! Graham, Graham, That’s our cry! Catch us if you can Coz ya know we are a blast! Follow in our trail Coz we always take off fast! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Graham House Aw3

Elliot House - Green

Named after Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. Jim Elliot was a missionary in Latin America, martyred for his faith in the unexplored parts of Ecuador. He and four companions were trying to bring the life-changing message of God’s love to the Auca Indians. His wife, Elisabeth, continued to reach out to the tribe after his death.

Elliot House Cheer 

Elliot Elliot go for gold Elliot Elliot let’s be bold We’re fast - Yeah! We’re tough - Yeah! Come on Elliot Do your stuff! 

Elliot House Aw2

Booth House - Blue

Named after William and Catherine Booth, the founders of the Salvation Army. The couple set out, in 1861, to take the Gospel to the streets of England to reach folk who did not conform to traditional church settings. They used street meetings, parades and marching bands to attract the poor, the destitute and the addicted with the love of Christ. Both were famous and fiery preachers and set their hearts on following God’s leading regardless of much political and religious opposition.

Booth House Cheer

Want some action, Booth is here Win or lose, we have no fear. In the pool or on the track We do our best, we don’t look back. B-O-O-T-H Booth.

Booth House Aw1 Reversed