Camps Yrs 3-12

Through camps students experience adventure, learning, build friendships & develop leadership skills.

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Excursions & Incursions

Excursions provide real-life experiences to students to enhance or reinforce classroom activities

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Missions and Cultural Trips

We offer opportunities to develop servant hearts by understanding mission through service.

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Camping Program

All grades from Year 3 to Year 12 attend an annual camp. Camps create the perfect balance of challenge and fun where students collaborate to discover hidden strengths and build resilience. At the same time, students develop perseverance, responsibility, confidence, positive attitudes, and interdependence.

In all the camp settings, there are three underlying purposes:

  1. To allow for reflection on the student’s relationship with God
  2. To enhance teacher-student relationships in an informal setting
  3. To widen the breadth of wholesome leisure pursuits.
Year 3 - Resilience and Independence - Sleepover at the College

As an introduction to the camping program, the one night sleepover at the College provides a "camp" atmosphere as an introduction to school camping. 

Students are able to build relationships, develop teamwork, courtesy, consideration and responsibility. 

Year 3 Sleepover Camp 2021

Year 4 - Team Building - Camp Warrawee (2 day/1night)

Students are provided with "away from home" learning experiences in preparation for longer trips. Students have opportunities to develop responsibility and independence through fun and challenging activities. 

Year 4 Camp 

Year 5 - Preparing for Servant Leadership - Mapleton (3 day/2 night)

The Year 5 camp provides a balance of both fun and challenging activities, with an emphasis on "preparing for servant leadership" in Year 6." The camp program allows students to collaborate, problem-solve, build resilience and discover strengths. At the same time, students develop perseverance, responsibility, confidence, positive attitudes, and interdependence. 

Year 5 Camp 2022

Year 6 - Being a Servant Leader - QCCC – Mapleton (3 day/2 night)

Camps create the perfect balance of challenge and fun, where students collaborate to discover hidden strengths and build resilience. This year's Grade 6 Leadership Camp provided an excellent opportunity for teachers to continue building relationships with students through various leadership and team-building activities. The students showed much courage and growth as many faced their fears and achieved great heights.

Year 6 Camp 

Year 7 - History, Civics and Adventure - Canberra and the snowfields

Year 7 students spend a week in Canberra where they learn more about the nation's Capital and spend time skiing. 

The camp focuses on:

  • Relates to numerous curriculum areas, notably Social Science, Science and Physical Education
  • Development of self-confidence/independence/self-identity
  • Team building skills

In 2021 Year 7 students went to Whitsundays for their camping adventure. 

Year 7 Camp 2022

Year 8 - Friendship and Team Building - Camp Lawrence

Year 8 students have an opportunity learn some problem-solving skills and decision-making during the camp at Lake Moogerah at Camp Laurence

The camp focuses on developing:

  • Socialisation of new students into the Year level
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Engender understanding of group actions
  • Motor-skill development

Year 8 Camp 2022

Year 9 - Leadership - Noosa North Shore

Year 9 Camp takes place at Noosa North Shore Retreat. Camp focus is on adventure and leadership skill development and provides opportunities for the year level to spend time together while participating in quality activities.

  • Introduction and development of leadership skills
  • Identification of leaders
  • Promoting personal responsibility
  • An awareness of the needs of others
  • Offers adventure-based challenges

Year 9 Camp Noosa

Year 10 - Persistence and Resilience - Mt Barney Lodge and National Park

Year 10 Camp is an outdoor education camp set around the Mt Barney region. Students hike for three days over mountains, carrying all they need to survive. Persistence and resilience are tested and developed during this time. Students also learn to cook with portable camping stoves using some ingredients from the bush around them. This is a camp where students stretch their boundaries to new heights. Devotional times are special as groups of students build relationships and reflect on the challenges they have overcome together throughout the day.

Year 10 Boys Camp 2022

Year 10 Girls Camp 2022

Year 11 - Leadership - Leadership Camp and Work Experience

The camp has a wonderful and unique atmosphere as students learn to value others and to serve in a Christ-like way. This camp marks the start of passing on the student leadership responsibilities from the year 12 students to the year 11 leaders. The Year 11 camp is full of experiences to empower and encourage students as they come to understand their uniqueness and special qualities instilled in them from God - and that everyone has a role in leadership. 

Year 11 Leadership Camp

Year 12 - Collaboration and Reflection - Kingfisher Bay on Fraser Island

This camp takes place in Kingfisher Bay on Fraser Island. The camp can be characterised by the devotional and spiritual times shared together as a grade with the themes of celebration, recreation and environmental education.

Year 12 Camp Fraser Island 2023

Incursions and Excursions

In addition to camps, students regularly attend excursions related to their studies. Excursions are an important part of College life and provide relevant and real-life experiences to students to enhance or reinforce classroom activities. Sample excursions and incursions:

YR 2 Australia Zoo Excursion
YR 4 Botanical Gardens Excursion
Innovation Day 2019
Yr 1 Physics Incursion
Yr 10 Social Science Excursion
Yr 12 NASA Excursion
YR 3 Learning about Aboriginal Culture

Missions and International Trips

We offer opportunities to develop servant hearts from Prep through to Year 12 by understanding mission through service, both locally and overseas.

France/Italy Cultural & Historical Tour
Cambodia Mission Trip 2019
Hong Kong/China Service Trip 2017