Northside Christian College lays a solid foundation of the fundamentals and equips students with critical thinking skills, dynamic life skills and a reliable moral compass within a framework of discipleship and pastoral care.

We build in opportunities to be creative and experiment with integrated curriculum, technology and other pertinent initiatives.

Strong Academic Record

Our NAPLAN results are consistently above the State and National averages. Northside is in the Top 2 % of best performing secondary schools in Queensland.

Our Academic Record
State-of-the-art Facilities

Our students will have an opportunity to become innovative thinkers and problem solvers, as well as discover and develop their God-given talents at our new Centre.

Centre for Innovation and Creativity
Dedicated Middle School Precinct

Our students feel safe and secure in a purpose-built precinct.

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Award-Winning Design Thinking Program

Design Thinking is a Northside Christian College distinctive in Middle School. Implemented across the three years of Middle School, students engage in a cross-curricular program that is an intentional and creative approach to embedding thinking skills into our program. Year 7 students dive into Think Tank, where they experience the importance of trial and error on the road to eventual success. Year 8 students complete Design Dilemma, working together as they solve a challenge. Year 9 students have the option to complete an elective called Challenge-based Learning, a semester-long, student-initiated project that fosters autonomy and ownership.

Northside Christian College Innovation Award 2017


Middle School students are encouraged to establish daily time with God as they navigate their faith journey. Christian Foundations is a subject studied each week. Students enjoy devotional and prayer times led by their form teacher each morning and participate in weekly Chapel services often led by Middle School students. This often provides a time of corporate worship and the delivery of a practical and relevant message designed to challenge and encourage. Read more.

Building a Solid Foundation in Faith

Middle School students are encouraged to establish daily time with God and have many opportunities to grow in their faith.

Faith In Action
Pastoral Care & Christian Teaching Staff

Form Teachers along with Year Level Coordinators oversee, encourage and guide each cohort of students.

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Christ-like Character

Northside offers an environment characterised by respect & responsibility, where students are known and valued.

Faith In Action

Northside Christian College offers the opportunity for partial three-year scholarships towards tuition fees, to both current and prospective students with outstanding academic record. 


Year 7 and Year 8 students study all subjects to gain and build on the elements of the Secondary School Curriculum considered to be “core” for a well-rounded education. Year 9 students take five core subjects and six electives as they begin to identify their areas of interest.

Students in Year 7 have a core teacher for several subjects. Most subjects are studied in a homeroom that is similar in many ways to a Junior School classroom.  During Years 8 and 9, students gradually transition towards Senior School as they regularly move to different classrooms, have a number of teachers and take greater personal responsibility for their learning. 

Year 7 Subject Profiles 2024

Year 8 Subject Profiles 2024

Year 9 Subject Profiles 2024

Year 9 Subject Selection Booklet 2024

Chromebook Program

Each Secondary School student receives a college owned laptop under our Computer Program. The program maximises students’ educational outcomes by:

  • Providing systems that are ready for new online assessments including NAPLAN and Senior School assessment.
  • Allowing for collaboration in the classroom through G Suite for Education.
  • Using tools used by corporate business and universities.
  • Promoting use of web based resources not limited by device.
Digital Safety

Our digital discipleship approach involves equipping students to make wise decisions and taking healthy precautions while taking full advantage of the latest technology to stay up to date.

We believe young people must be trained in wisdom as well as safety. Students need discipleship from adults to develop the skills, values, and inner strength to maintain a healthy balance, resist temptation and master the media's pull.

  • In Junior School, our students learn about cyber-safety and monitoring use
  • In Middle school, the safety message is reinforced with education about responsible use, digital footprints, cyber-citizenship, and discernment of reliable resources.
  • In Senior School, students deconstruct media, critically analyse its covert and overt messages, and identify stereotypes and bias. They learn about problematic internet use, copyright, and security. They practise recognising and countering the fallacies and flaws in logic so common in the media.

Camping Program

All grades from Year 3 to Year 12 attend an annual camp. Camps create the perfect balance of challenge and fun where students collaborate to discover hidden strengths and build resilience. At the same time, students develop perseverance, responsibility, confidence, positive attitudes, and interdependence.

In all the camp settings, there are three underlying purposes:

  1. To allow for reflection on the student’s relationship with God
  2. To enhance teacher-student relationships in an informal setting
  3.  To widen the breadth of wholesome leisure pursuits.
Leadership Development

The Middle School leadership program encourages critical and creative thinking, effective communication, collaboration and team work and development of personal and social skills with stimulating opportunities in Years 8 and 9. Leadership groups for chapel, communications, culture, missions, sport and community are driven by student energy and initiative under the mentorship of a teacher.


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Discover and Develop Talents


Sport is an integral part of student life at Northside.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Christian Service, Sporting, Cultural and Academically oriented activities. See our website for details.

Camping Program

In all three years of Middle School students attend an annual camp.

Camps and Excursions