2019 Cambodia Mission Trip

A team of 22 students and 7 adults will travel to Cambodia in April this year. The trip will serve to provide learning and leadership opportunities as well as serve in a remote village to establish a long term relationship with our school.

The team will visit cultural sites in Phnom Penh to understand the rich Khmer culture as well as the devastation caused by the reign of the Khmer Rouge from 1975-1979 when approximately 3 million people perished and from which the present generation are still struggling to recover.

The focus of the trip will be in Angkanh Village approximately 3 hours south of Phmom Penh. A firm relationship has been established by active involvement by Cornerstone Christian Church who have partnered with the community for 7 years to establish wells, crops, roads and a health centre.

The development of this struggling community of people who had been displaced from a rubbish dump in Phnom Penh has released funding from Japan International Corporation Agency to build a primary school. Northside will visit this school in April to run programs.

The trip will culminate in many children from Angkanh village being given the opportunity to come to a camp in Kampot province where the Northside Team will run a program of activities and enrichment which these children would never had experienced including visiting the ocean! Our students are currently fundraising for the cost to run this camp.

How you can help: 

1. Pray for us. For safety, unity and fruitfulness. 

2. Sponsor one of our team. You can make a donation through our Front Reception or online. 

3. Support the team in their fundraising efforts. Some of our students are mowing lawns and doing odd jobs to raise funds. Please contact the College for more information.