As we near the end of Term 3, the Grade 8 students, in conjunction with their Form Teachers and Year Level Coordinators, have been focusing heavily on Leadership for 2020.  

Each student has been challenged to consider themselves as a ‘leader of influence’ regardless of whether they hold a formal position title.  Following Christ's example, the Year 8s have been and will continue to be encouraged to become servant-hearted and relationship focused in all aspects of Middle School in 2020.

In Week 10,  the students will attend their Leadership Day at Tamborine Mountain.  Here they will engage in challenging team building activities as well as the individual challenges on a High Ropes course.

Early in Term 4,  the formal election process will occur. This provides the students with several opportunities to self-nominate, present and vote for their peers. It also draws upon feedback gathered from the Year 8 Form Teachers during the focused Life Skills lessons on Leadership. Finally, the nominated leaders are interviewed by the Head of Middle School and presented to the College Principal for approval.

As Year Level Coordinators, we are excited to see the positive impact the current Year 8 cohort will have on the Middle School as leaders next year. 

Mark Rienecker and Amanda Stay 

(Year 8 Coordinators)