Isabella S, Year 12 Sports Prefect, received the 2021 Australian Olympic Change-Maker Award. Isabella was invited to attend the Virtual Forum, where she collaborated and connected with young leaders from right across the state and Aussie Olympians. The Forum featured guest Olympians as they delved into an insightful discussion about leadership, being a positive force, overcoming challenges in creating change, and hearing firsthand our athletes’ experience at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Isabella is training full time with the Brisbane Roar as third full time keeper and has received her first sponsor last year. In her club she is the first keeper and an effective mentor to younger girls and is the Wellness Captain. She captained the school soccer team and has successfully progressed to Met North. Bella is a competitive and energetic House Leader for Graham House, encouraging students to enjoy and participate in carnivals. Bella engages in school carnivals wholeheartedly, and she exemplifies sportsmanship. She is a valued member of the Senior Leadership Team, and she reliably and effectively carries out her duties as College Prefect. Bella leads by example, and her love for sport and others is evident.