Thanks to everyone involved in the 2023 Musical: staff, students, volunteers, parents, sponsors, and the wider Northside community.

The Musical serves as a unifying force that brings together the entire Northside community. It provides a platform where we all can come together and collaborate towards a shared objective - glorifying God through the expression of our unique gifts. Through active participation in this event, individuals become integral parts of a collective endeavor that cultivates a deep sense of belonging, a shared sense of purpose, and a strong bond of camaraderie among all involved.

We asked cast and crew to highlight their favourite moments from this experience and here are their answers:

What was your favourite moment from the musical?

Every vocal warm-up, but especially the last one we did. And the little moments between each show/song we did. When we had a rehearsal in the hall, and it was at the point where most people knew all the words and harmonies so when the music stopped, we would just keep on singing.

Seeing my costume for the first time, taking photos with all my friends and cast members, playing Just Dance with all my besties, filming the Mamma Mia music video, giving Mrs Eiso her mini hat-headband, eating pizza with friends.

Production and performance week! Costumes and makeup and finally seeing it all come together on stage. As well as connecting with people I wouldn't normally interact with.

My favourite moment from the musical was before the final show, we were all walking around taking photos together and laughing with each other. It was such a bittersweet moment cause we knew the thing we loved was coming to an end; so we savoured every last minute of it, making memories and enjoying each other's company one last time.

How can I possibly choose a favourite moment? There are so many things from this musical that have made it so incredibly special. But, seeing and hearing everyone come together to sing and dance with one another in the final megamix after a show that we have worked so hard on and are so proud of truly was something remarkable. It was the most joyful moment and I will never ever forget it and all the behind the scenes rehearsals spent together working on this incredible masterpiece.

My favourite moments would probably be the audience cracking up at almost EVERY one of the jokes, If Your Father Were Here, Queen of Pop, Pure Imagination, Verucas Nutcracker Sweet and Megamix. (Plus MRS GREEN!)

Definitely our last Megamix. It was such a surreal moment seeing our hard work come together to produce such wonderful shows. Also, after the thank you's when we were all just celebrating such an amazing week together, it was so great to see the smiles on the audience's faces as they left our show.

The opening night when everyone was super excited to watch the first show and we were just as excited to see what was to come. The last time the confetti cannons went off and everyone jumped up was just as special. It was super sad to be finished, but it was amazing to see what we accomplished!

Honestly, getting ready together. Even after long days of school, the vibes in the makeup room were elite, shout out to Oscar with the music, and it felt like family. We all were laughing and smiling and singing our hearts out and I think that's when we all really came together. Also, Saturday night, was one of the best experiences. it was beautiful and bittersweet at the same time, but so rewarding because of all the hard work.

I loved the final show and all the energy and excitement. I also felt like all the team had become like a family, and we shared so many special and funny moments. I also liked the full-day rehearsals because it was so cool to see the show come together thanks to all the hard effort everyone had put in.

Northside's musicals bring something different each time and all the hours and hours of work and devotion pays off at the end to produce a performance that people won't forget.

How would you describe Northside musicals?

Community building and professional.

A really fun community that works together to form amazing dances and singing that are of an extremely high standard. Everyone is welcome in the Northside Musicals, and you have lots of chances to bond with new people and grow as a person. I also love how Northside Musicals always have God as the centre, with all glory given to him with every show.

They're absolutely incredible, there's so much time, effort, love and hard work put into the musicals, and it definitely pays off! It's been amazing and an honour to help out with this musical, and I plan to be back in year 12!

I can hardly find the words to describe it. Northside musicals are beyond extraordinary. They're fun, inclusive, and to be apart of one as incredible as 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory', will be something that I will treasure forever. My Charlie family have taught me so much, brought me endless amounts of joy, and given me so many wonderful memories I will truly hold onto forever. Stepping into a whole new world opened my eyes to so many different things; trying new things and gaining so much from unexpected opportunities, the friendships - building bonds with people I would never have thought, with there being no divide between year levels and the overall experience. It was all such a huge blessing, and I am so grateful for everyone who made it possible and so very special.

Professional, energetic, lots of hard work and a whole lot of fun!

I would describe Northside Musicals as AMAZING!!!!

Genuinely such a fun experience. I would recommend so many people to get involved because you learn so much. Just getting to connect with so many people from different friendship groups and grades was super special. I have so many great memories and moments that I'll remember for years to come. Mrs Eiso, Mrs King, Sophia, MD, and the whole creative team are the most amazing people with so many amazing God-given talents that make Northside musicals the success they are. The welcoming community within the musical is so encouraging and uplifting, it was such a privilege to be a part of it.

I think they are amazing for when you are trying to get to know people who aren't from your close friendship circle. For me, it was a chance to meet new people and share an experience with them, an experience of a lifetime. Yes, it is a lot of work, especially on top of schoolwork, but I would suggest that everyone does it at least once.

It's so fun! You get to get to know so many people and it's a production that is of such high quality. The memories will last a lifetime.