64 working bees later, excursions, reading groups, numerous musicals, home bake, college cafe and many more ways of volunteering, the Pilt family are saying goodbye to Northside after their youngest graduates. Included below is a letter from Chris and Dave Pilt to Mr Kuss, the College Principal:

Good morning, Mr Kuss,

We cannot be more impressed and grateful with the level of dedication, professionalism, friendliness, energy, and expertise that the teachers at Northside Christian College have displayed during our years of association with the school. There has been a continual display of consistency, loyalty, and Christian love towards the students. Thank you for your guiding part.

Mr Pilt takes a photo with with the Grounds Manager after 64 Working Bees at Northside

When our eldest son Brendon commenced school in 1990, he had Mrs Crimmins as his first teacher (along with input from Mrs Starrenburg and Mrs Mead). We have chatted with her at numerous times since then. It was a special delight to see Tricia at the Volunteers Morning tea (Oct 27th) so David could thank her for her in investment in our children.

Mrs Mead was the school’s first Principal. I have connected with Shirley on many occasions, even last month. As the photo illustrates. A teacher’s input, their legacy, lives on.

We have of course, met with myriads of teachers over the past 32 years. Having 8 children move through the school in all its levels has exposed us to all types of events including Sports, Under 8’s, Musicals, Grandparents, Information Nights, Teacher Interviews, Open Days etc etc. We have also been involved with pre-school roster days, reading groups, school excursions (David went to Canberra twice with Yr 7’s), welcoming new parents, College Café etc etc.

The next photo att’d shows David at his final Working Bee. That was number 64! As articulated recently, he’s learned plenty of manual skills over the past decades.

Mr Kuss, it was an immense privilege to ring the Founder’s Bell after Reagan’s Final year 12 Chapel. Thank you for affording us that honour.

Speaking with many of the teachers at the conclusion of schooling we reminded them of their longevity (many employed for decades at NCC), and teamwork (it’s got to be a wonderful place when so many couples worked at NCC, like the Longs, Purnells, Smith-Cottrells, Averills, Georges, Roses, Cranks, Smiths, and others). Obviously, the school grounds, parking arrangements, and classrooms have changed significantly in over 3 decades, but the core of Christian education has remained. Thank you for upholding Biblical values.

Our children - eight blessings from the Lord, are flourishing. We are proud of who they have become. Please pass on our gratefulness to the school community, especially to the teachers who have invested in the PILT children. As life-long learners ourselves, David and I prayerfully trust that their biblical home foundations and Christian schooling will continually develop in each of our offspring, influencing those around them, to the glory of God.

In appreciation, Chris (and David) Pilt