Visit from local author

Alison Stegert ran two workshops during our Book Week Celebrations 2018.  She ran a very interactive story time, reading her newly completed manuscript of, ‘The Temple of Lost Time’.  She used a fascinating power point showing the children what people wore during the time of the book’s setting.  She used different hats to depict the different characters as she read, and the children loved it!  When her time drew to a close, the children were begging for her to come back and finish the book.

Alison also ran a writing session called, ‘Message in a Bottle, Writing Adventure’.  She led them through a well-structured session, where children wrote a story that would be put into a bottle afterwards.  The children were very enthusiastic about this session and came up with some very inspired ideas.  We loved having Alison and would love to make her Book Week visits an annual special.  Thanks Alison!

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