Colourful Memories

Alumna Kathleen O'Hagan (2016) has been immersed in her art since graduating from Northside, as an artist in residence, recent first-time published artist and now on the eve of her inaugural art exhibition in the Centre for Innovation and Creativity.

Featuring her detailed and articulate illustration style, Colourful Memories is a children's book that was released on Tuesday, 17 July. Kathleen reflects on the book, the process and her involvement:

"Completed during my graduating year at Northside, my illustrations in Colourful Memories is a culmination not only of the beautiful story of Opa and Charlie (Written by Catherine Bauer; Published by Wombat Books) but of my time at Northside: the continuous support of my fellow students, teachers and the Northside community as a whole.

Indeed, it was during my spares, lunch breaks and art classes that the majority of the book was completed. I always had a friend leaning over my shoulder, or a helpful art teacher ready to give me their advice and encouragement. I cannot wait to share the book with you all!"

Colourful Memories is available now through publisher Wombat Books.
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Joyful Creation

Commencing from Thursday, 26 July and continuing for the following weeks, Kathleen's solo art exhibition Joyful Creation highlights her work as an upcoming artist in the place that nutured her creative talent. 

“As a reflection of the last four years of my emerging art career, in this exhibition I wish to share the sense of overwhelming joy and passion that I feel when creating art for myself and others.”

Kathleen welcomes you to experience her work on display.
RSVP online at the below link for more information and updates:

Joyful Creation Opening Night
Thursday, 26 July
Treehouse Gallery
3rd Floor, Centre for Innovation and Creativity
Northside Christian College