Alumni (past students) play a vital role in our community. An increasing number of alumni assist as sports coaches or offer their professional expertise as we develop new programs for current students.

One current example is John Goleby (shown below, second from right) who runs Orange Digital, a dynamic Brisbane-based agency specialising in online marketing strategy, design and web development. John has been very generous to the College, contributing and shaping our thinking for the new Entrepreneurial Hub which will be established in the Centre for Innovation and Creativity. Next week John is hosting a small group of staff and parents at his Innovation Hub as we shape the opportunities that will be available in the E Hub.

Shown: past College parent Scott Goleby, teacher Stewart Smith, alumnus Scott Duffield, alumnus John Goleby, and teacher Kathy Harwin.

I recently attended the Vice-Chancellor’s Dinner at QUT. The evening is always valuable to hear about forthcoming opportunities for our students as they consider their future vocations. At my table I was delighted to be seated with Alumna Michelle de Jongh, who has been selected as a QUT Junior Ambassador. Michelle is studying Secondary Education and had many less than subtle invitations from other school leaders at the table to consider teaching at their schools in the future. I was so proud to be associated with such a well-spoken and professional young lady.

Congratulations to Michelle, John and so many Alumni who are fulfilling our Northside Vision of being ‘transformational in their spheres of influence’.