Josh Plumb is the executive director at Nexus Care, and a Northside alumnus (1999). Nexus Care is a not for profit organisation that services our local community, aiming to relieve poverty and distress through partnering with volunteers, organisations, business and government.

We met with Josh to ask him about his experience at Northside and his role at Nexus Care.

When did you graduate from Northside?  I graduated from Northside in 1999. I can't believe it's coming up on 20 years!

Has there been a person or an event at Northside that was significant to you or that had a major influence on your life?   I left Northside at the end of grade 7 and returned for grade 11 and 12 with one of the main reasons for returning being my friends at Northside. We had a lot of fun, many laughs, enjoyed sport together and these friends were instrumental in encouraging and inspiring me towards who I am and what I do today. 

What have you done since your graduation and what is your current role? 

Wow, a lots happened! I'm now married 11 years, have travelled, kept up my love of running, completed two degrees, worked as a pastor, employment consultant, programs manager, counsellor and currently I have the privilege of leading and managing Nexus Care a charity established over 8 years ago with the the heart and passion to alleviate poverty, distress and disadvantage in our local community! 

What are the links between Nexus Care and Northside Christian College and how are students/alumni/staff involved? 
I love that there is a natural connection and overflow between Nexus Care and Northside. To have Next Steps Kindy run a food drive the last three years as part of our christmas appeal has been amazing! They have helped us support over 450 families each Christmas. I love that we have a current student working for us casually and that alumni are leading and volunteering in our School Brekky Programs connecting with over 450 students each week, some of whom have no access to food otherwise that day. These links are amazing, I love that they are there and hope to see them grow into the future.  

What do you love the most and what is the hardest part about your job? 
What I love is getting to journey with people, learning from them, supporting them, seeing them grow. It can be difficult and frustrating at times but for me it brings satisfaction. I love it! It's emails like this that capture what I mean:

"Dear Nexus care,  

I hope this message finds you well.

I would like to thank Nexus care members about all help and support that they gave me in many terms (food, financial, getting in the community and so on). 

It was a big help that I received in the most hardest time in my life. As I am new migrant, Nexus care helped me to feed my family properly and cover some of utility bills and supported me with the best friends and families to communicate with and that was more than I expected and it helped me to arrange my life and start new life in Australia. 

I will not forget Nexus care forever and hope continue forward to achieve it's finest aim that is help people to live properly in the life."