Recently, Year 10 student Paris S shared an encouraging word on assembly. Paris spoke about her experience joining Northside from overseas late last year, and we thought it definitely worthy of sharing with our wider community:

"Who here has ever had to move country, state, school or even just to another house or neighbourhood? One of the most exciting experiences that you can have is relocating to somewhere new.  It’s like a blank canvas, a new page for you to continue your story, with the exception of a few new characters. You see, you take every opportunity with a deeper trust and reliance on God that something better will be waiting on the other side of your action.  Before moving to Australia, my mind was constantly filled with what if’s; what if I didn’t like the people here, what if I couldn’t find a school that I enjoyed, what if I came into contact with an angry kangaroo, or something even scarier….an eshay?

We all have to make an internal decision to not let our fears drive us, because then we’d be alive, but we’d never really live. From the first time that I came on our tour of the Northside campus, I could sense a different atmosphere in this school that drastically opposed any other campus I had been to. Usually movies portray the first day at school as this daunting, terrible experience, but mine was completely opposite. I was introduced to the most genuine and kind girls that I have ever met. 

At first I thought that it was way too good to be true, surely they were only being nice because I was the new kid who was alarmed with someone told me to bring my thongs to the swimming carnival. Clearly I was not aware that thongs referred to shoes. But I can stand here today and say that it was true. There is something so unique about the character of this group. In these ever changing times where there is constant pressure to be better, the maturity and compassion shown by the girls serves as a prime example of how people should uplift and strengthen one another.

We currently have 887 days till the class of 2023 graduated. Now I know that sounds far away but if you take holidays, excursions, student free days into account, that’s not a very long time.  To the current year 12s, you have 159 days, including holidays and weekends, till you’re finished with this part of your life. Soon, all that you’ll have of Northside are the memories. The girls have taught me that there is some good in everyone, whether its right in your face or hidden deep….deep like I mean really deep inside someone, it’s there. It’s a choice to be kind, but believe me, the result of this is far better than being petty.

There are three things you cannot recover in life, the moment after it’s missed, the word after it’s said and the time after it’s wasted.  The year 10 girls have taught me some valuable life lessons.  No one forced them to look out for me and each other the way that they do, no one told them to accept and respect everyone, but yet they do it selflessly. Learn from them.  Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up and rearranged to relocate us to the place we’re meant to be and the people we are meant to meet there.  Love people the way that they do, you will never regret being kind."