Beebots Create a Buzz at Northside Prep

Coding is an exciting part of the education of Prep students at Northside Christian College. The five-year-olds enjoy learning the code to program Beebots, bright bumblebee-shaped robots, to move around a colourful pathway.

Coding is not only fun for young students, it lays a fantastic foundation for academic success in mathematics and language. Coding encourages visualisation, creativity and problem-solving. Children experience the value of experimentation and discover that learning isn’t about instant achievement—it’s about trying and retrying, experimenting and mastering.

While Northside Christian College’s preppies play with the Beebots, they are having too much fun to realise that they are acquiring important learning mindsets and skills, like focus, organisation, trouble-shooting, persistence and resilience.

Most importantly, programming the Beebots allows the Preppies at Northside Christian College to enjoy success, which fosters a love of learning and builds confidence.

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