Book Fair

Book Fair 2018 at Northside Christian College in Everton Park

Book Fair has come to the Junior School Library this week, from Monday, June 11 through to Friday, June 15!

Book Fair has been running at the school for over 15 years and has become an annual event that the Junior School students really look forward to. It is a great opportunity for your child to purchase a book to treasure or some fun stationery. Much of the library collection has been purchased from Book Fair commissions, so it is also a great way to promote literacy for all of our students. Students fill out ‘Wish Lists’ during their regular library lesson. There is an option to pay by Credit Card (on the back of the Wish List) or you can send money in a well-sealed envelope.

Better still, why not drop by with your children before or after school? Book Fair opens at 8:00 – 3:30 each day (except Friday when it closes at 12:00pm). Parents are welcome at any time during the day and we are open during Under 8s Day. Feel free to drop in and see all the competition entries. The children have done an amazing job!