Building Businesses for a Bigger Purpose

Recent research explores the implications of a changing world of work upon young Australians. The FYA New Work Order report states: “The average 15 year old is predicted to have 17 jobs over 5 different careers across their lifetime*".

To navigate this changing world of work, students at Northside Christian College will require transferable enterprise skills and capabilities such as digital literacy, problem solving, critical thinking, adaptability, creativity, resilience, financial and business literacy, teamwork and communication.

Northside Christian College students have been given the opportunity to plan, budget and market their business ideas and then take part in a real-world challenge to run their businesses over a 4 week period.

Year 7 Innovation and Discovery (ID) focuses on developing these skills in students through project-based learning activities in the subjects of Art and ICT. Throughout Term 3, Year 7 ID students took place in the $20 BOSS Challenge, a nationwide in-school initiative that inspires young Australians to be entrepreneurial while creating businesses that make the world a better place.

The program has piqued the interest of students and has enabled them to unleash their creativity, communicate and work as a team, show that they can develop a product or service that someone might buy, and develop their digital and financial literacy, while incorporating purpose into their business by donating all proceeds to a worthy cause of their choice. 

Through this experience, students have learned that businesses can have a social or environmental purpose, and that business is a powerful tool for demonstrating God’s love, impacting lives and making a positive difference in the world.  *Source

'Loops for Love' Named Finalist for the Unleashed Awards

With a passion to make a difference in the lives of girls and women, Northside students Gigi, Stella, Cailin and Lara began a start-up business as part of the $20 Boss Challenge. Their business concept was to design, create and sell hand-made jewellery with cards of encouragement gifted with every purchase. The business is aptly named 'Loops for Love' and has a web presence, solid branding, and an up-and-coming community presence with a stall at the local Mitchie Makers Markets. 

Loops for Love will be notified during the spring school holidays if they are listed as a finalist for the Rookie of the Year Award.

Finalists for the Unleashed Awards will be invited to attend the event in Melbourne, as well as take part in a Changemaker Day. FYA will be covering the costs of one team member from the project and one chaperone (parent or guardian).

This is a great acknowledgement for the heart, effort, skills, and teamwork these students have demonstrated during this Challenge.

What students say about the challenge:

Michaela: 20 Dollar Boss is a national competition where we are given $20 to start a business. It is very good and lots of fun. It challenges me to stay on a budget, which is not very easy. I like having the freedom to spend the money I have. This is good because budgeting is a good life skill I will need in the future. It also helps me to be creative and to come up with new ideas. I cannot just do any idea I come up with because I have to think it through and see if it will work for a business. It is lots of fun because we do not have to stick to one idea as we do in other subjects, so we are free to come up with very creative ideas. This means I can do better at it and have more fun because it can be something I am passionate about.

Tana: The 20 dollar boss is a local competition where students are challenged to raise money. It is very fun and you get to work with other people.

Kaati: The $20 boss was really fun just brainstorming ideas, charities and it all went to one idea and two charities we all agreed on. And I love it.

Chloe: I agree with Kaati. It was really fun selling something we are all passionate about. It was also nice knowing that the money was going to a good cause.

Genevieve: The $20 boss challenge has been a great experience. It was a little bit hard to decide on an idea to use but in the end it worked out really well. I would definitely recommend doing the $20 boss challenge to start a small business.

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