In the last week of Term One and into the first week of the school holidays, 21 Northside students travelled to the Kingdom of Cambodia to take part in a ministry exchange. The focus of this inaugural missions trip was to serve Jesus humbly in all situations, to observe and encourage local Christian ministries, and to experience the Khmer culture. 

Over the two weeks of ministry God provided many situations for students and staff to grow in their personal faith, and to be challenged in their biblical worldview. As a team we experienced many revelations of God moving mightily in Cambodia, where an unstable government and the past atrocities of the Khmer Rouge still loom large. 

An exciting part of the trip was the opportunity to minister in the Angkahn Village primary school, and the local commune high school, running a Bible program and leadership development sessions. The Northside team we were also blessed by past College parents Paul and Alli Hodges who served as our trip managers, whilst also sharing their missionary work with Alongsiders International. 

The culmination of the ministry trip was the sponsoring of 41 children and youth from Angkahn Village church to attend a weekend camp at Shalom Valley, a ministry of Alongsiders. For many of these children the camp was the first time they had ever experienced bunk beds, shower blocks, or the beach. Our Northside Cambodia Mission Team travelled to Cambodia to serve humbly, and in turn we were inspired and renewed in the Holy Spirit by the faith, joy and peace of our Khmer brothers and sisters. To God be the glory!

Mrs Rob Burgess, Mrs Rosana Niven, Mrs Kayleen Morrison, and Mr Peter McClenaghan

Northside Cambodia Missions Team