On November 21, 2023, a group comprising 21 students and five staff and parents will embark on a memorable basketball three-week tour to Canada and California, USA. The students are geared up to engage in nine basketball games spanning locations from Lethbridge and Calgary, Canada, to Los Angeles, San Jose, Monterey, and San Francisco in the USA. Beyond the exhilaration of the competitive matches, the focus will extend to building connections with fellow students from the schools we compete against. Prior to the games, our students will distribute Bibles and Australian souvenirs, and post-game, they will partake in shared meals, fostering new friendships along the way.

The tour schedule is brimming with thrilling adventures, including serving the homeless in Lethbridge, joining Bearspaw Christian School for a tour of Banff, and witnessing professional Ice Hockey, Basketball, and Football games. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to attend classes in two Canadian schools, visit Disneyland and Universal Studios, participate in packing Christmas Hampers, and engage with Youth activities at two Los Angeles churches.

In essence, we leverage our passion for basketball as a means to connect with others and spread the love of Christ. Our aspiration is to bring blessings to numerous individuals during the tour, recognizing that God has and will continue to bestow blessings upon us throughout our journey.

Keep up to date on the tour’s progress but tuning into the College’s sports Instagram page.

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