Centre for Innovation and Creativity

Northside Christian College Principal - Mr Leighton KussThe Centre for Innovation and Creativity is due to be completed and handed over to the College on Monday 26 June. This is now just five weeks away. Plans are in place to then begin the final fit out and bring in new furniture during the Winter Vacation.

As the scaffolding begins to come down, different elements of the building design are being revealed. In recent days many students have let me know that they have particularly enjoyed seeing the imagery of the Cross from our College Crest on the northern shade fins.

The story behind the design of the Cross in the College Crest is worth re-telling.

Central to the logo is the cross which comprises a collection of individual mosaic pieces representing the students, Northside Christian Collegefaculty and families coming together to create a community linked by a common purpose. The blue and yellow arrow reinforces the northern positioning of the College – not only geographically, but more importantly with an upward focus towards God. The yellow arrow represents Christ leading the Northside Christian College community to the cross. Open ends of the Cross demonstrate the releasing of our students to pursue God’s call on their lives.

These elements unify to represent Northside’s very foundation for living, demonstrated in our motto “Character through Christ”.

Looking to the future, we now have working images of House Crests for each of our Student House Groups. We look forward to releasing them as the year progresses. The plan is to transfer these designs into badges available for students to wear as part of their formal uniforms.