On Saturday, 26 June the year 12 cohort was blessed to enjoy a special evening at our Formal before the winter school holidays at the RNA Convention Centre. We got to celebrate this special milestone with each other, as we shared an evening full of love, laughter and reminiscing about our schooling journey so far.

This was the night on our calendar  that many of us had been looking forward to. It had been planned for and dreamed about for quite some time (girls maybe longer than the boys). As COVID doubts crept in through the week we were so blessed to be able to go ahead with the evening without any further restrictions. We were blessed with musical items from our talented peers, enjoyed an amazing  dinner, and took way too many photos. Plus, at the end of the night, we killed it on the dance floor (yes, even in our heels!).

The ladies looked stunning in their beautiful dresses and the boys were miraculously transformed into young men looking handsome in their suits. The arrivals were special, with modes of transport ranging from classic to sleek and sporty, to well...wacky! We would like to say a huge thankyou to the staff at the RNA for being so welcoming and making the evening special for us all. We’d also like to thank our teachers and parents for everything you have invested in our lives so far. And for all the effort that was put into creating an incredible evening for us to share with our friends and family creating memories to last us years to come.