Creating a sacred space

Join us in prayer, worship and devotions

Invitation from the College Principal, Mr Leighton Kuss

Next week all parents, students and alumni are invited to join the College staff in our weekly prayers, worship and devotions – the provision of a community ‘Sacred Space’ for us to allow for God to be worshipped, prayers in Jesus name and opportunity for the Holy Spirit to speak. 

I recently heard the phrase ‘Sacred Space’ in a small Junior School where from time to time, students were provided with a space where they could pray, worship and listen to God.

On a visit to an Art Gallery, I then saw the following quote:

When we stop ‘paying attention,’ we stop flourishing.

In my work with students and with fellow colleagues, my goal is to remind myself first of all but also those around me to pay attention to the ordinary, the everyday, the small and ultimately the profound.

My soul’s understanding is that we see glimmers of God and of Sacred Space in those everyday things around us and in everyday experiences.

I believe we are mandated to pay attention.

Jo-ann VanReeuwyk

If you would like to worship, pray and seek God with us next week, come and join our Community Sacred Space Week:


Monday, 29 October 8:00 - 8:20 am Nexus Church Auditorium - Worship led by Jason Boyce and Leonie McRae


Wednesday, 31 October 8:00 - 8:20 am Nexus Church Auditorium - Prayer for our students as the upcoming generation.


Friday, 2 November 8:00 - 8:20 am Nexus Church Auditorium - Devotions with long term College parent Ps Murray Lean, speaking on Romans 8:31-39..... "The Bible's answer to a wobbly faith".

I hope to see you and your family on one of the mornings.

*Image from the Uganda Missions Trip 2017