A few years ago I had the chance to spend time with Jamie Smith, Professor of Philosophy at Calvin University. Jamie published a trilogy of books, one of which which focussed on the rather captivating phrase, ‘cultural liturgies.’

Cultural liturgies gives name to an idea that what we do teaches us how to love. It is meant to help us see how repetitive practices—like shopping or binge watching or decorating our Christmas trees—point our hearts in a particular direction and by doing so tells us who we are and where we belong.

As the Class of 2021 concluded their time with us last week, they were involved in intentional ‘cultural liturgies’ – Year 12 camp, Final Chapel and the symbolic ringing of the Founders Bell. The text of the script that was read by our captains at the bell ringing ceremony - along with photos from Final Chapel - can be read here.

A Northside school year is full of cultural liturgies, each put in place to ‘point our hearts in a particular direction’ – Commencement Assembly, camps, assemblies, awards ceremonies, cultural events, musicals, sports carnivals, parent teacher meetings, Missions week, Christmas pageants, staff worship and devotions, Sacred Space weeks ….the list goes on.

As we move into the rhythm and rituals of Christmas, our annual cultural liturgy, I pray that your family is blessed (again) by the message of Jesus’ birth, a gift of hope and salvation to mankind.

Peace on earth, goodwill to all Leighton Kuss College Principal