Ecumenical Chaplain's Network Meeting

Recently Northside Christian College hosted an Ecumenical Chaplain’s Network  (ECN) conference. Chaplains and Staff Workers from independent Christian schools and Scripture Union were in attendance. 

The first session was taken by Pastor John Lewis who is the founding minister of Northside Christian College. John challenged the group to continue in the faith that was once delivered to all the saints by putting their stakes in the ground and standing firm in their biblical convictions.

The second session was taken by Charles de Jongh from Malyon College. He is a parent of the College and husband to Sue, one of our wonderful teachers in Junior School. He spoke on “The contemporary challenges of ministering to young people applied to the school and education context”.

Finally the group celebrated the “Breaking of the Bread Ceremony”, taken by Peter Schmidhauser. Students from Northside led the group in worship, with special thanks to Sophia Beh, Davina Moore and Liam McCallum.

Thanks to Penny Robinson at the Café for absolutely awesome catering, and to Mr Kuss for allowing the network to meet at Northside.

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